Is getting your ducts cleaned at the top of your list this fall? You may not think about your ducts when you think about seasonal cleaning, but the truth is that your ducts can affect your family’s health and even your energy bill! We’re one of the best duct cleaners in town and we’re happy to help you clean up your home’s ducts this season. Just give us a call!

Here are five health and financial benefits of getting your ducts cleaned this winter. 

If you don't clean your ducts, you can find yourself running to the thermostat to bump up the temp very often.

1. Clean ducts mean fewer allergens in your home.

Ducts are how air moves throughout your whole house, so if they’re not cleaned properly, your air could be moving allergens, dust, or sediments around throughout your home. Having those particles circulating in the air is a recipe for the irritation or development of allergies!

2. Dirty ducts slow down air circulation.

All of those little dust particles or potential allergens also slow down the movement of air through your ducts, and that means your air system needs to try harder to push air through your system! That’s taxing on your circulation system. 

3. Dirty ducts make you turn up the thermostat.

An inefficient system also means you may find yourself constantly bumping up the temp on the thermostat so you can feel comfortable. 

4. Dirty ducts cost you more.

If your air circulation is slowed down or you have to turn up your thermostat more and more every day, that means you’re spending more and more on your energy bill every month than you would others.

5. Clean ducts make your house smell better.

Freshly cleaned ducts make your whole house smell better! Think about it — dirty ducts are teeming with the scents of dirt, dust, mold, or other stinky particles. That means your whole house smells a little like dirt, dust, mold, or other stinky particles because the air moving through your house gets circulated through your ducts.  

Clean up your ducts and enjoy a cleaner-smelling house!

What Intek Can Do For Your Ducts

We recommend you clean your ducts every five to seven years at a minimum and also after every renovation project (because loose building materials like sawdust and screws or nails have a tendency to find their way into your ducts). We’re happy to help you cross that off your to-do list! Before we get to work, you can enjoy a free video inspection and subsequently, a free estimate. 

Our five-step duct cleaning process uses a large HEPA-filtered vacuum that’s connected to your furnace to essentially suck all of the debris out of your air ducts. You can rest assured that no dust will be blown out of your vents and you can enjoy clean air in no time!

Ready to tackle your ducts? Give us a call!