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There are three primary reasons why getting your ducts cleaned is a good idea:

  1. it helps lower your risk of mold
  2. it gets rid of funny smells
  3. it helps get rid of health risks in your home

Air ducts are the path of travel that air takes when it moves through your home, so if your ducts are dirty, it can affect your health and how comfortable you are in your home!

The winter is a great time to get your ducts cleaned because any moisture problems get worse when the weather gets warm, so take care of your ducts this season! We’re happy to take care of your duct cleaning for you, and promise to keep your home clean while we do so.

Reason #1: It helps lower your risk of mold growth in your home.

Mold grows very well in the last places that you think of — dark, dank spaces that don’t normally get sunshine. Your ducts fit that description! Especially if you have a water leak anywhere in your home or if there is moisture in the basement, the possibility of nixing mold growth in the bud is one of the key reasons you should consider getting your ducts cleaned.

Reason #2: You smell something funny.

If you smell something kind of musty in your house, it’s possible that your ducts need to get cleaned out. Debris and even vermin can take up residence in your ducts, and since they don’t smell very good, your home won’t either! Help your home smell fresh again by getting Intek on the scene!

Reason #3: Someone in the home is having health problems.

It’s crazy just how much our air quality affects our health! The EPA says that if someone in your house is having repeated health issues that are probably related to your air quality (and you’ve consulted a doctor to rule out other possibilities), then it’s time to get your ducts cleaned! We’re happy to help.

Why You Shouldn’t Get Your Ducts Cleaned

If none of these apply to you, or if you’ve taken a peek in your ducts and didn’t notice debris or traces of mold and other living beings, it’s pretty possible that you don’t need our services! But if you’re not sure, it doesn’t hurt to give us a call and ask our opinion. We’re a great source for reliable duct cleaning and are happy to lend some advice so that your family can remain healthy!

We offer duct cleaning services in Sioux Falls, Yankton, and Brookings, SD and offer free video inspections.

I Need My Ducts Cleaned!