Call Intek first after suffering from water damage!

Water damage in your Sioux Falls home is an unpleasant thing to deal with, especially because it can be difficult to know where to start when it’s time to clean up. Should you replace all of your belongings right away? Maybe you should start by ripping out the carpet?

Before you run to the hardware store, the best place to start when dealing with water damage is to call Intek! There are three main things you can expect from our water damage cleanup process. We can help you replace and restore damaged parts of your home, help you navigate insurance, and put everything back together.

1. Replacing damaged pieces of your home

Depending on where the damage occurred in your home and how bad the damage is, our carpentry staff may be needed. Sometimes, we need to tear out sections of the wall or the carpet. We want to make sure that wherever there’s water damage, we get it taken care of!

Our greatest concern with this part of the process is making sure that water damage doesn’t become a larger problem of mold growth or other damage to the wall, baseboards, and carpet. Our restoration experts may need to cut out entire sections of damaged drywall, but don’t worry, we’ll put everything back together again.

2. Helping navigate insurance

We’ve been in the restoration business for a long time now, so we’ve learned a thing or two about how insurance handles water damage. We’re happy to share the things that we’ve learned along the way so that your stress level is lower!

After we’ve examined the water damage, we can sit down with you, share details about the repair timeline and the extent of the damage, and make sure you understand what’s going to happen next when you talk with insurance. You’re going to enjoy having us by your side during the process!

3. Putting everything back together

The best part about having our team on the scene is that we’re with you from start to finish. No matter how big or small the damage is, we can easily handle it. Even if it takes tearing out damaged portions of your wall and carpet, we can handle that and help with putting everything back together too.

This is the part of the process that you’ll enjoy more than any other – seeing your home reassembled after water damage can be very refreshing and relieving! We’re happy to help get your home back to normal after water damage, just give us a call.

Worry Less with Us Around

If you’ve experienced water damage, the first place to start is by calling Intek. We have a 24/7 emergency line (1-800-456-5004) that you can call if it’s outside of business hours, otherwise, feel free to reach us at our regular contact number at (605) 332-3006 in Sioux Falls and (605) 689-2220 in Yankton.