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How to Find The Right Commercial Cleaning Service

Published On: February 21, 2019Categories: Building Maintenance
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When you’re deciding on your next commercial cleaner for your Sioux Falls or Yankton business, what’s the first thing you think of? Probably a list of questions you need answered, right?

Well, we’re here to help, mainly by giving you a great tip on how to hone in on the right people for the job — ask a lot of questions! That way, you can learn whether a janitorial service is a good fit for your business or not. Before we go any further, don’t forget to check out our services to see if they’re a good fit for your commercial cleaning needs.

Don’t Make Assumptions!

Like we said, asking the right questions is incredibly important so that you can find out which commercial cleaner in Sioux Falls is right for your particular business’ needs. Remember that saying about making assumptions? Don’t assume! Ask questions like these so that you can have a fair expectation of what this cleaning service is going to do when they show up.

Let’s dive right in with the ones we mentioned and add a few more.

How Often Can You Come In?

This is especially important because you may prefer that your business be cleaned at a different frequency than is possible for this cleaning service. Would you like to have your office cleaned every night? Maybe just once a week? No matter which is right, make sure that you have some sort of range in the back of your mind, ready to offer them when you meet with them.

Ultimately, you need to have a service that fits your business, so make sure to mention the timing that’s right for you!

When Can You Come In?

Lots of commercial cleaning companies are happy to come in right around the end of the business day, but what if that’s not the right fit for your culture? Maybe you have employees that prefer to stay until after 5 to enjoy the quiet and get more work done? Perhaps you have customers who come in and out of your office space all day long, so really you’d rather have your cleaning service come in at night?

Think about the flow of traffic in and out of your business, and make sure that your cleaning service can accommodate that!

Are There any Areas that You Don’t Clean?

Typically, bathrooms and floors are covered with commercial cleaning services. But if you have special considerations such as a kitchen area that needs some love or some dusting in offices, then make sure to mention those! More than likely, the service you’re looking at won’t mind adding those items to the cleaning checklist, but again, these questions are more about setting expectations than anything.

Do We Need to Provide Anything for You?

More than likely, your cleaning service comes with all of their own cleaning supplies and tools such as a vacuum, mop, and wipes. But again, make sure to be on the same page with what they need from you to do a good job (and if they do require using your vacuum or other supplies, make sure to show them where those are!).

Are There Any Extra Fees that Would Apply to My Business?

Do they have a room or time limit to their flat fee? Is there an additional charge to come at a different time or for other things that are absolutely necessary for your business to be completely clean?

To make sure you don’t accidentally interrogate whoever you’re talking to, a good place to start with this question is to ask about what’s included in the base price. That way, you can figure out what they already expect to be included in the cleaning checklist, and you can ask about whatever additions you would like to include.

What Questions Do You Have for Intek?

Are you feeling more comfortable now that you have that list of questions? The best tip we have for hiring the right commercial cleaner is to communicate your needs clearly so that you can truly know if they’re the right fit for you and your business. Usually, that’s easier to do by asking questions, so ask away!

And we’re more than happy to provide any and all answers to questions like that if you have them for us, so feel free to get in contact with us or go ahead and learn more about our cleaning process!

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