Have you ever worked in an office that nobody cleaned?

Maybe it goes unnoticed for a while, but sooner or later it causes problems. An unclean workspace looks unprofessional, harbors germs and disease, and could even impact the mood of your workers.

Janitorial services aren’t the most glamorous thing to research for your office, but they are a necessity.

Dirtier Than You Think

Office spaces may not get as obviously dirty as our homes. There’s less cooking going on, fewer children playing, and probably fewer four-legged friends wandering about.

Still, your workplace is probably dirtier than you think — and you might not be able to guess where it’s the dirtiest. Regular traffic from a team of workers brings in plenty of dirt and germs from the outside world.

Luckily, commercial cleaning products and equipment keep you ahead of the game. By investing in janitorial services, your workplace will be clean and safe for workers and visitors.

Cleanings Save Money

Janitorial services also help to save your company money.

For one thing, cutting down on bacteria shared between coworkers means fewer sick days. But another often forgotten benefit of daily or weekly janitorial services is extending the life of your carpeting.

Neglecting and ruining carpeting is much more costly than just getting your carpets cleaned. By regularly vacuuming and cleaning your carpets, you get much more bang for your buck and avoid all the headache of replacing carpets years earlier than was necessary.

Plus, you probably pay good money to have your workers doing what they do — whether it is making sales, coding computer programs, or overseeing a department. It just doesn’t make sense to take a portion of that salary to have them vacuuming the office, especially when well-trafficked spaces will need attention more than once a week.

That’s why Intek’s commercial cleaning team can provide janitorial services for you.

Janitorial Services by Intek

Don’t worry about keeping your office clean; let us worry for you! When you schedule regular commercial cleaning with Intek, you don’t have to fret about bacteria in those problem spaces.

It’s time to save money by outsourcing janitorial services, and take us up on our free one-time carpet cleaning with your contract.