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As we’re all spending more time at home lately, there’s one thing almost everyone is doing: cleaning.  

If all of your windows, cabinets, and cupboards have already gotten a thorough once-over, how about cleaning something that’s probably been neglected? 

Your vacuum. 

Most of you have probably never cleaned your vacuum, but now you have the time to really take care of your appliances. After all, your vacuum is the workhorse that keeps your floors clean in between professional carpet cleanings with our team! 

Without maintenance, your vacuum mostly just moves the dust around, but with some periodic care, it’ll keep the suction going for many years to come.

Focus on the Filter

Vacuums either have replaceable or permanent filters. If your model comes with a replaceable paper filter, check it every time you check the bag. You’ll want to replace it around every three to six months, depending on how often you vacuum and how much carpet you have

Other models have a permanent HEPA filter, which you can rinse clean, dry, and reuse. You should give your vacuum filter 24 hours to dry before using it again. And one pro tip: do not use dish soap to clean your filter! A simple rinse is all you need.

A blocked filter is going to minimize the suction of your vacuum. If you’ve cleaned out the filter and it’s still losing suction, check the manual. There might be a second filter (that’s also likely clogged). 

Clear the Roller

The bottom of your vacuum needs some attention, too. 

Threads, loose fibers, and the most likely culprit, hair, can all get stuck in the roller on the bottom of your vacuum, which will make it less likely to clean your carpets!

The roller bar should be unclogged regularly. You can cut off the fibers wound up in the bar or use a seam ripper to unwind them. 

Dump the Dust

While you’re at it, you should probably check your bag. This is one thing you probably regularly clean on your vacuum, but it never hurts to empty this out. 

The bag on your vacuum should never get more than three-quarters full – this will impact suction. 

We’d recommend emptying the bag outside, into a garbage bag, so you minimize the amount of dust you spread in your house. No sense making more work for yourself!

Replace the Belt

If you’re finding that you have to vacuum the same section of carpet a few times to get it clean, then it’s time to change your vacuum belt. 

You should do this about once a year, and always keep your vacuum in a clean, dry place. Water can warp the belt, making it ineffective.

Intek’s Here to Help

If you’re staying in more lately, it’s a great time to focus on your home. 

Embrace your inner Monica Geller and clean everything. 


But if your vacuum isn’t cutting it or you want to refresh your home for the spring, reach out to us about scheduling a carpet cleaning

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