area rug in home

We’ve written a lot in the past about the pros and cons of getting your carpet professionally cleaned, but what if you don’t have rooms full of carpet?

As we roll into that time of year, we can expect wet, muddy (or even snowy) shoes coming and going or dirty pet paws coming in from the inclement weather. Dirty rugs can quickly become the center of attention.

It’s important to fight against the elements and keep your carpets clean.

Keep Your Rugs in Tip-Top Shape

It’s important to keep your rugs maintained with basic cleaning, but vacuuming alone won’t fully fight against spills, allergens, and general dust and dirt. 

First thing’s first, be sure to check if your rug has a tag listing any explicit cleaning or care instructions. Depending on the quality of the materials your rug is made of, professional cleaning may be regularly required to keep the quality intact.

If and when the time comes that basic care isn’t quite cutting it, we’re here to help. 

Rugs, small or large, can be professionally cleaned just like any other carpeted areas in your home or office. The INTEK team can utilize the same hot water extraction process used during carpet cleaning to attack those heavily trafficked areas on most rugs by removing dirt and stains without leaving any residue that can cause buildup.

Clean Your Carpets Now

Spring isn’t the only season for cleaning. Take advantage of the changing weather and get ready for the upcoming season by scheduling your carpet cleaning today. If you’re not sure how often to get your rugs (or carpets) professionally cleaned, let us know! 

While our carpet cleaning packages don’t specifically list rugs, they do include room packages. Call us to find out what will work best for your home or office needs.

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