Have you ever spent as much time in your home as you have in the past year?

These days, your home isn’t just the place where you sleep, cook meals, and relax. Thanks to the pandemic, your home is now your office, your gym, your child’s school or daycare, and more.

It’s more important than ever that your home is a place where you enjoy spending time. So how do you turn your home into a comfortable space despite all of the chaos that 2020 has brought?

It all starts with keeping it clean.

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Our Top Tips for Creating A Clean Home You Love

No matter the size, cost, or location of your home, you can still create a beautiful space that’s perfect for you and your family. While it can be hard to stay on top of cleaning tasks (especially when kids or pets are involved), there are still easy ways to maintain a space you love to be in.

Here are our easy tips for keeping your home comfortable and clean.

1. Invest in a robot vacuum.

This is one of the most effortless ways to keep your home clean.

While some robot vacuums come with a heftier price tag, there are many brands to choose from these days. You can spend anywhere from $200 – $900 on one, and, we’ll be honest — the lower price range vacuums get the job done quite well!

We recommend setting your robot vacuum to run each day or every other day and vacuuming with your heavier-duty, regular vacuum every 1-2 weeks or as needed.

2. Get rid of clutter.

When you have fewer things, you have fewer things to pick up.

While you’re stuck at home during the winter months in South Dakota, this is a great time to get the whole family on board to do some decluttering. Get into the “Marie Kondo” mindset and determine which items in your home or on your walls truly bring you joy.

When you’re intentional about the items you choose to own — whether that’s clothes, home decor, dishes, or toys — you’ll appreciate them more, thus creating a space you enjoy even better than before.

Here is our list of places to take your items in Sioux Falls.

3. Go plant shopping.

Plants are a beautiful and natural way to rid your home of odors and pollutants. Plus, of course, they look great (if you can manage to keep them alive.)

After you’ve gotten rid of extra clutter (see step #2), your home may feel a little empty. Instead of filling space with new stuff, place a lively plant in the corner instead. It’ll look great!

4. Find a cleaning schedule that works and commit to it.

You can find hundreds of weekly, monthly, or even annual cleaning schedules on Pinterest. Find one that works for you and stick to it.

We recommend you do a little each day — the bathrooms Monday, washing towels on Tuesday, etc. — to keep your home maintained through the week. That way, when the weekend rolls around, you aren’t overwhelmed with the mess you have to deal with.

Of course, if you have kiddos, you can divide and conquer the tasks throughout the week so it seems like no one really has to clean all that much!

5. Let the pros handle the big stuff.

There are some things that you simply can’t — and shouldn’t — maintain on your own.

When it comes to pesky problems like air filters, dirty ducts, or well-used carpet that needs a thorough cleaning, call Intek. Investing in these professional services for your home will ensure that your home is a space you love now and for a long time.

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