Your carpets are probably ready for some special treatment. We’ve been eating, drinking, raising new kids or pets all on the same floors. But does it just need some cleaning? Or would replacing your carpet be better?

Did you know that the average square inch of carpet contains 200,000 bacteria?

At Intek, we recommend that homeowners get their carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. Cleaning your carpet can eliminate odors, stains, and allergens.

What other reasons are there to get your carpets cleaned? How do you know when it’s time to replace the carpet instead of cleaning it?

a dog sitting on a cleaned Intek carpet

Get your carpets cleaned if:

• You haven’t had your carpets professionally cleaned in the past year.
• Your allergies have been worse than usual.
• The carpet has a dull or dirty look.
• There are surface-level stains.

Get your carpets replaced if:

• There are any permanent stains.
• There’s a lingering smell after it’s been cleaned.
• Your floors have had any water damage.

At Intek, we use the hot-water extraction method to clean your carpets to prevent any build-up on your floors.

before and after an Intek carpet cleaning.

Call Intek in Sioux Falls for fast, friendly service and biodegradable products. We offer the number one carpet-cleaning method for home and business owners in the Sioux Falls area.