Let’s be frank, we have a love-hate relationship with fire. It’s great for grilling steaks from the Meat Lodge and hanging out around the campfire by the river. But sometimes, fire isn’t always friendly. It can wreak havoc on your home.

That’s where INTEK comes in.

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Fire Restoration & Smoke Damage

If unfortunate circumstances happen to your house or business, our fire restoration specialists are here to help. We can work closely with your insurance company to start the process of restoring your home after a fire. Our specialists perform several main components of restoration.

  • Collecting household items for restoration
    Once your home or business has been deemed safe to enter, our team carefully collects all of your belongings. We pack everything and take it to our climate-controlled facility where we can start the restoration process.

    The ES-3300 Esporta Wash System allows us to even clean cloth materials such as the clothes hanging in your closet, window furnishings, grandma’s quilt, and more. While we cannot save everything from a fire, our team works closely with you on the contents that can be restored.

    Before we safely and securely store your items at our warehouse, we use an ozone machine to pull any lingering smoke smells from all of your belongings.
  • Construction
    Whether the fire damaged part of a wall or the entire garage, INTEK of Yankton can make it new again. We work with a team of experienced contractors to rebuild your house. Because we work closely with insurance providers, our team can handle working with your insurance company so you can be assured it is done correctly.
  • General cleaning
    Whether you need clean-up after new construction, or just a small stove fire, our highly trained cleaning crew will come in and make your house ready to move back into. When remodeling happens, the house traps a lot of dust particles from drywall, mudding, and more. The INTEK team will clean your home or business from floor to ceiling.
  • Delivery of household contents
    Once your house is back to normal, our team will bring your safely secured household items back for you to place in your home or business.

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Dealing with Fire Damage? Call the INTEK Team

While we can’t come to every bonfire you invite us to, anytime you experience a fire in Yankton, our team will be there to help you every step of the way.

Make sure you’ve called 911 first but after that, check our list of things to do before the INTEK pros head your way.