Fire restoration is a job that is usually best left to professionals. However, there are a few things you should do on your own in the immediate aftermath.

A house fire is essentially the worst-case scenario for a homeowner. If you are the victim of one, there are probably a lot of concerns running through your mind. The first thing to worry about, obviously, is whether anyone was injured. After that, you will need to look at things from a more superficial point of view – just how extensive was the damage?

What to Do Before Hiring Fire Restoration Services

Taking inventory of damage caused to your house is just one step to take in your recovery process. Do these things before you call in the pros for fire restoration.

Talk to the Right People

First of all, is it safe to re-enter your home? Be sure to double-check with the fire department. Also, fire crews may have turned off the utilities – ask them if they can safely be turned back on. If the house is uninhabitable, contact your local Red Cross agency to find out what arrangements you can make for temporary housing.

Before you do anything else, talk to your insurance agent for guidance. Please follow this step before using any of the guidance you’ll find in this blog post. Each insurance agency is different and some may want you to perform certain actions that will affect the outcome of your claim.


It is also a smart move to contact your landlord or mortgage company. Find out what kind of paperwork needs to be done, whether you own or rent the home. Sometimes special benefits are available to people who suffered a loss from a fire or other disaster. It never hurts to inquire about what help might be available.

Finally, check with an accountant or the IRS. Sometimes special benefits are available to people who suffered a loss from a fire or other disaster. It never hurts to inquire about what help might be available.

Inspect the House

Now that you’ve contacted the right people, it’s time to move on to the house itself. Soot, dirt and other chemicals will fill your home in the aftermath of a fire. Open your windows to clear the air. You may want to do some initial cleanup yourself. It is also possible you will need water restoration services as a result of efforts to control the fire, so check for signs of water in the house.

Take inventory of what has been damaged and find valuable records. Your social security card, drivers license, and other important identifying information are a high priority. Find these items first, then move on to other essentials and belongings. Your insurance company will work closely with you on this step.


Start a list of the things you’ll need and figure out what you can salvage from the home. This list will pay off later after you have recovered from the initial shock of the disaster.

FEMA has an excellent list of resources of other things to do after a fire, including contacting the Department of the Treasury Bureau of Engraving and Printing to replace lost money.

After you’ve taken these steps, contact a professional team to get your home back into shape. INTEK has a great team of experts that can provide you with fire restoration services that will get your house looking like a home again.

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