Summer Fire Safety and Property Restoration

Did you know that firework sparklers burn at a temperature of 1,200 degrees? It’s true!

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), U.S. hospital emergency rooms treated approximately 11,500 people for fireworks related injuries in 2021.

Firework Safety Tips

Fireworks can make for a great show, and are a big part of celebrations around the world, but it’s important to be mindful of safety precautions around fireworks.

    • Adults should be in charge of the larger fireworks. Kids should never play with or light your firecrackers or rockets.
      • If you want to give them sparklers, be sure to explain the dangers and have water nearby.
      • Keep the sparklers outside and away from anyone’s faces and clothes.
    • Set a safe distance from onlookers and make sure everyone understands not to get too close.
  • Don’t hold firecrackers or rockets while lighting them.
  • Do not point fireworks at other people, their property, or any surrounding landscaping.
  • Keep pets indoors to reduce risk of them panicking or subjecting their sensitive hearing to the racket.

Pro Tip: Have a water bucket ready to soak firework fragments and duds into before disposing of them in the garbage.

Grilling Safety Tips

What’s for dinner? The usual summertime answer is probably steaks, hamburgers, or hotdogs on the grill. And don’t get us wrong, we love grilling, but even the most seasoned grill master can use a quick reminder that the best grilling is safe grilling.

  • Use grills in a well-ventilated, outdoor area. Be sure your grill is away from buildings, overhangs and other combustible surfaces or objects (like leaves and brush).
  • Avoid grilling in high traffic areas. We all want to be a part of the party but keeping the grill away from people, especially children, is a great way to reduce the risk of accidents, such as tripping and falling into the grill.
  • Always check propane grills for leaks. Apply a solution of light soap and water to the hose on your propane grill. If the hose releases bubbles, you have a leak.
    • Turn off the grill and call professionals to fix your grill. If the leak does not stop, call the fire department. Do not try to move the grill.
  • Do not move a hot grill. Grills can be heavy, which makes it easy to trip or drop a grill, resulting in medical injuries.
  • Use baking soda to control a grease fire and have a fire extinguisher close by while you grill.

And remember to keep your grill clean. After it cools off, scrape away grease and fat build-up to keep it in great and safe working condition.

If you’ve found your home has become victim to fire damage or summer flooding, reach out to our team to help restore your home and belongings. We employ professional contractors and cleaners to bring your home (or your sump pump) back to its original condition.