INTEK is proud to be the exclusive provider of one of the most effective cleaning systems on the planet: SteraMist™!

It’s a powerful technology that is used to fight, reduce, and eliminate the spread of pathogens — without contaminating the environment with any toxic byproducts.

SteraMist is one of the more than 200 products verified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to use against SARS-CoV-2, more commonly known as the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. The EPA says when purchasing a product, you can check its EPA registration number against to ensure the cleaning solution will be effective. 


Read on to find out how SteraMist™ works — and why you may want to consider servicing your business or home with it.

How SteraMist™ Works

SteraMist™ is a transportable disinfection/decontamination system that can disinfect and decontaminate both the air and all the surfaces in a sealed space and has been known to reduce infection rates by 99.9999%.

It’s extremely effective. For instance, SteraMist™ has been shown to reduce by 99.9999% Clostridium difficile (C. diff.) spores.*† This efficacy has resulted in lowered SIR healthcare-related infection rates in a recent paper.2

The hydrogen peroxide-based product uses TOMI Environmental Solutions’ patented Binary Ionization Technology® (BIT™), a state-of-the-art technology that uses a “mist,” which can be either directional or whole room.

There are two basic products of SteraMist™:

  1. SteraMist™ Surface Unit
  2. SteraMist™ Environment System

Both of these products are easy to transport and incredibly fast-acting. In fact, a room that has been sprayed with SteraMist™ is safe to enter within minutes after the Activated Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (AIHP) mist has been applied!

Who Should Use SteraMist™

The four main industries that benefit from SteraMist™ are healthcare, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and commercial businesses.

Some common applications of SteraMist™ include:

  1. Healthcare
    1.1. Hospitals
    1.1. Outpatient/ambulatory centers
    1.1. Dental operatories
    1.1. Emergency medical transport
  2. Laboratories
    1.1. Biosafety and biomedical
    1.1. Tissue and blood banks
    1.1. Animal labs
    1.1. Lab equipment
  3. Pharmaceuticals
    1.1. Processing
    1.1. Manufacturing
    1.1. Compounding
    1.1. Lab equipment
  4. Commercial
    1.1. Education and childcare
    1.1. Senior living
    1.1. Athletics
    1.1. Transportation

And that’s just the beginning. There are so many ways that INTEK’s SteraMist™ can be used, including mold remediation, mildew control, and more.

Benefits of SteraMist™

  1. Fights the spread of pathogens, such as MRSA*, flu**, and Staph*
  2. Kills 99.9999% of Clostridium difficile (C. diff.) spores*†
  3. Reduces labor costs
  4. Requires no wipe and no rinse
  5. Leaves no residues
  6. Uses no toxic byproducts
  7. EPA approved as a hospital healthcare disinfectant
  8. Easy to transport
  9. Incredibly fast-acting
  10. Thoroughly tested and used by many trusted organizations, including:
    1.1. The New York Medical College
    1.1. Baltimore Washington Medical Center
    1.1. National Institutes of Health
    1.1. Saint Francis Healthcare
    1.1. U.S. Department of Agriculture
    1.1. Bristol-Myers Squibb
    1.1. Pfizer

In short, SteraMist™ is the ultimate tool for the elimination of bacteria in a variety of industries.

That’s why INTEK is so proud to be the only provider of SteraMist™ in our area!

Try SteraMist™ Today!

“SteraMist™ is the right answer for the best results for healthcare providers, laboratories, commercial education, childcare, and even some homes.” –Jerry Berg, founder of INTEK

If you’re interested in using SteraMist™ to make your business or home fresher and cleaner — guaranteed — please call INTEK at 334-9716.

SteraMistTM Surface Unit* and SteraMistTM Environment Unit†

*Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC #6538), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (ATCC #15442),

Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC #33592)

**Influenza A (H1N1) virus †

Clostridium difficile spore (C.diff) (ATCC #43598)