Sioux Falls has received more than 5.25 inches of rain in June.According to the National Weather Service, the Sioux Falls area is already above the monthly average for June rainfall. By June 11, 2014, the area has received over 5.25 inches of rain! To compare, on average Sioux Falls receives almost 4 inches for the entire month of June. Remember we are only halfway through June!

Standing Water

With all this moisture, there is plenty of standing water in fields, yards and ditches. While the rain is helping the crops, it could threaten your home. Frequently check for water damage and sump pump issues. The stress and pressure of water pushing on foundation walls forces water through cracks and into your home. Also, remember your sump pump is working overtime and monitoring is essential. Don’t let water damage and summer heat result in mold!

The Record of 1984

On a positive note, all the water has kept the soil moist and pushed off the threat of drought. Do you think we will break the record of 1984 and receive over 8.43 inches of rain in June? We could, according to Jim Murray of the weather service, if the weather continues as it has. With more rain expected this weekend, we will keep an eye on incoming moisture.
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