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Sioux Falls cleaning and janitorial servicesWe understand that hiring a janitorial service for your business can be a tough decision. To help you, we have a list of the best questions to ask when interviewing a new service. If you aren’t sure why your company should outsource janitorial cleaning, see our previous blog post.


Questions to Ask A Janitorial Service:

  1. How and when will the cleaning company communicate with your business?
  2. How will your company be billed for the cleaning services?
  3. What training do employees complete before starting janitorial cleaning?
  4. Do you offer tile cleaning and carpet cleaning?
  5. How frequently should your company use the cleaning service?
  6. Does the company offer any incentives to signing a year-long contract?
  7. What other cleaning services do they provide?
  8. How long has the cleaning company been in business?


If you are looking for a cleaning company, consider adding INTEK to your list of interviews. INTEK would be happy to answer any of these questions and set up a custom cleaning plan for your business. Read more about INTEK janitorial cleaning services.

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