Hiring a cleaning service to come into your office or business is no small task. To help you, our janitorial cleaning professionals have 5  questions you should ask before hiring a cleaning service.

5 Questions to Ask A Cleaning Service:

  1. Communicate: Share your expectations with the cleaning service and be sure they share expectations, too.
  2. Specials: Check if the janitorial service offers specials for signing a contract.
  3. Cleaning Schedule: Ask how the cleaning service sets up a cleaning schedule and what they do if an employee calls in sick.
  4. Expertise: What kind of training and experience does the janitorial company provide employees?
  5. Equipment: Ask about the equipment the cleaning company will bring to the job site. Is it sufficient for the work you want completed?

We also like this house cleaning guide from Angie’s List.

If you have a business that needs cleaning, contact INTEK and ask us questions. We are here to help.

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5 tips for hiring a janitorial service in Sioux Falls