5 questions to ask a cleaning service in Sioux Falls

Thinking about hiring a Sioux Falls cleaning company for your business?

We can see why. There are tons of reasons to outsource your office cleaning, including the fact that janitorial services can actually save you money in the long run.

But how do you decide among all the office cleaning companies in Sioux Falls?

To help you choose, we’ve put together a list of the top five questions to ask before hiring a cleaning service. (Go ahead — ask INTEK each one!)

5 Questions to Ask Your Office Cleaning Service


5 things to ask your office cleaning company

1. What are your expectations (and how will you meet mine)?

Communication is key in any relationship — including the one with your cleaning company.

Start by asking exactly what services the company offers. Share your own cleaning expectations (and be specific!). Also, ask what the company expects of you. That way, you’ll make sure you don’t get your wires crossed later.

2. How often will you come to clean?

You’ll want to establish a regular cleaning schedule so you know when to expect the company to come. Ask how they set their schedule and what they do if an employee calls in sick — will you get delayed service?

Agree upon a day and time that works for you both. Be sure to clearly state the terms of how employees will gain access to your office (including any liability concerns you may have).

3. How do you set your rates (and do you offer specials)?

As a businessperson, you probably don’t have to be told to ask the company how much its cleaning service costs. But it’s also important to ask how those costs are figured.

Does the company charger per hour, service, or number of employees? How frequently will you be expected to pay? Can you take advantage of any special offers? (For example, INTEK offers free carpet cleaning with a one-year contract!)

4. What sort of experience does your staff have?

You don’t want just anyone coming to clean your office.

Safety and expertise are both important factors when deciding which cleaning company to hire, so be sure to ask about the employees who will be performing your janitorial services — specifically, what sort of training and experience they have, as well as whether the company has performed background checks on its employees.

5. What cleaning supplies do you use (and do you provide it)?

Some cleaning companies expect you to provide your own cleaning equipment, while others supply everything they need. The latter is more convenient, of course — but make sure those supplies are sufficient for your office.

For instance, you can learn about the process and products we use for carpet cleaning here (TL;DR: the process is thorough, and the products are biodegradable). Make sure the equipment and supplies used by your cleaning company align with your needs and values.

Go Ahead — Ask Us Anything!

5 tips for hiring a janitorial service in Sioux Falls

At INTEK, we don’t hide behind false promises or skirt around tough questions. We’re here to ease all your concerns about how we can help keep your office squeaky-clean.

So go ahead and contact us with any questions you have about office cleaning (or any of our other cleaning and restoration services)!Contact INTEK about office cleaning in sioux falls »