There’s a reason our award-winning staff is busy handling water damage restoration in Sioux Falls and Yankton. If you don’t hire a professional to handle water issues, you risk causing long-term damage to your house.

Problems Caused by Longterm Water Damage

Here are some of the most common long-term effects of water damage for a homeowner.

1. Mold – Potentially the most hazardous effect of lingering moisture, mold spores attach themselves to excessive moisture caused by leaks in roofs, pipes, walls or any type of flooding. Wet cellulose materials, such as paper products, ceiling tiles and wood products, are conducive to mold growth, as are dust, paint, wallpaper, insulation, drywall, carpet, fabric and upholstery. So if you decide to take clean up flooding on your own, leaving excess moisture could open up your household to some unwanted guests – mold spores. If have a mold problem, however it may have been caused, we can handle that. We can also prevent further issues via water damage restoration.

2. Compromised Structure – Leaks and flooding can damage the structure of your house. Flooding can damage the framing of the house if water leaks into the walls and ceiling joists. Rafters, exterior trim and fascia boards are also susceptible to water damage. If your basement floods, you could be looking at all of these consequences if the damage is not repaired by a professional using special processes. Water causes paint to peel, and can significantly damage ceilings and wall coverings.

3. Fire Hazard – Shorted wires from water damage are a fire hazard. Any area of your house that is affected by water damage should be professionally inspected.

4. Increased Utility Costs – Floodwater can seep through walls and damage insulation, saturating it and depleting its effectiveness. Your house will lose hot and cold air and you’ll pay higher utility bills.

5. Health Hazards – As we mentioned in number one, mold goes hand-in-hand with water damage. Longterm exposure to mold can cause significant risks to your health.

Intek Can Handle It

To ensure the long-term viability of your house, hire a professional to clean up after water damage. Also make sure you prepare as much as possible for such an event and make sure you have an operable sump pump. We understand that houses can flood on a moments notice. Whether a pipe breaks, a sump pump stops working, or another disaster occurs, we can handle any water damage restoration job.

With INTEK’s 24-HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE, we will dispatch a crew whenever you need us! Night or day, weekend or holiday, INTEK will be available to you for water damage restoration in Sioux Falls and Yankton and surrounding areas. After the emergency clean-up is taken care of, we will dry your property, and help you move forward with any reconstruction that is necessary. INTEK also provides construction services and professional painting as part of our total water damage restoration program.

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