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How to Keep Warm and Save Energy at Home This Winter

Published On: December 3, 2015Categories: Furnace & Duct Cleaning

Top 11 tips for saving energy at home this winter

Now that winter has officially blown its way into South Dakota, the whole state is settling in for a season of snow, ice…and hefty heating bills. But does it have to be this way?

You obviously need to stay warm this winter, but you don’t have to crank up your thermostat–and your energy bill–in order to do it. Here are our top eleven ways to save energy at home this winter (without freezing your butt off!).

11 Home Energy Saving Tips for Winter

1. Decide what rooms you want to heat. Before you start pumping hot air into the whole house, make a home-heating game plan. Do you really need to heat that storage room in the basement where no one ever goes? If not, close and seal those vents to direct warmth to rooms that actually need it. This practice could save you $200 a year.

2. Turn down the temp at night. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, turning your thermostat down 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours will save you about 10% a year on your heating bill. So before you hit the hay, nudge the temperature down a tad. If you need extra warmth while you sleep, switch to flannel sheets or a warmer comforter.

3. Install a programmable thermostat. One of the easiest ways to ensure efficient temperature control is to invest in a programmable thermostat. Simply set it to a lower degree during days and times when you’re sleeping or out of the house, and the device will adjust automatically.

4. Get your furnace and ducts cleaned. You may think you’re saving money by putting this off, but an annual furnace and duct checkup actually saves on energy costs, prevents health risks, and prolongs the life of your system. At INTEK, we offer free video inspections and estimates for furnace and duct cleaning in Sioux Falls.

5. Insulate windows and doors. House feeling drafty? Seal air leaks around doors, windows, and other gaps throughout your home using caulk or weatherstripping. Proper insulation can save you up to 20% on your energy bill.

6. Take advantage of the sun. On sunny afternoons, throw open the curtains to let the light in–free heat, people! At night, pull the shades closed to insulate yourself from those now-chilly windows.

7. Bundle up! Instead of turning the thermostat up whenever you feel the slightest bit cold, simply add more layers: socks, sweaters, blankets, even rugs for insulating the floor. It seems like common sense, but it’s one of the easiest ways to save on your heating bill.

8. Try a humidifier. We all know winter air in South Dakota is very dry. Did you know dry air actually makes you feel colder than warm air? Consider using a humidifier in your home to add moisture and heat to the air.

9. Cool it on the Christmas lights. It can be tempting to deck out your house with holiday lights galore, but if you’re trying to save energy, don’t go too crazy. And whatever lights you do use, make sure they’re LED, which last longer and use 75% less energy than traditional incandescent lights.

10. Turn down the water temp. Nearly a fifth of your energy bill goes toward heating water. Save on those costs by turning your water heater down to 130 or even 120 degrees. You can also use cold water for laundry and even switch to low-flow faucets and shower heads to save on water in general.

11. Watch your kitchen use. It’s easy to waste energy while cooking. Some ways to conserve include placing lids on pots and pans, putting them on the right size burners, and using microwave ovens over conventional ovens when possible–they use about 80% less energy.

Get Your Free Furnace and Duct Cleaning Inspection

Furnace and duct cleaning in Sioux Falls and Yankton

The good news about these home energy saving tips is that you can do most of them yourself. There’s just one that you can’t, and that’s furnace and duct cleaning.

If you’re not sure that’s a service you need, find out before you book by requesting a free video inspection from INTEK. We’ll go in and show you exactly what your ductwork looks like–and what it would cost to clean it–before you make any kind of commitment.

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