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Ahh, spring.

We’re pretty happy when the equinox comes and melts all the snow. The sun starts shining. Sioux Falls’ bike trails are full. The city comes alive.

And then we get hit with allergies.


All puns aside, spring can be a truly miserable time for people with allergies, but there are plenty of things you can do to ease the springtime sniffles.  

Tips for Easing Allergy Symptoms

It may be hard to change environmental factors outside your home, but reducing allergens inside is easier than it sounds. We researched the biggest culprits for spring allergies and found some easy remedies you can start today.Pollen | Intek Sioux Falls

  • Shower Solution: We all love the beautiful flowers that bloom every spring. But flowers release pollen into the air, which sticks to everything: your hair, your clothes, your skin. If you’ve spent a long-time outdoors, change clothes and shower when you get indoors to ensure you don’t spread that pollen around your home.
  • No More Carpet: It’s not easy to simply change out your carpet for hardwood floors, but any place where you can pull up rugs is ideal for the allergy-prone. Allergists also recommend a strict vacuuming regime during your allergy season — especially if you’ve got pets in the house.
  • Relocate Your Workout: You don’t want to run right through a field of ragweed if you’re allergic to it. Most weather apps can tell you the pollen count in your area. If the count is high, keep your workout indoors. It might be the perfect time to try yoga or a new weight training routine. Yoga will play double-duty in helping with your allergies because it lowers stress — and stress can make allergy symptoms worse.
  • Take Care of Your AC: Before starting your air conditioner for the first time, clean your ducts. You don’t know which allergens are lurking in the vents of your home, but a thorough cleaning can clear the air before the start of your allergy season. Once your ducts are cleaned, you should change your filters monthly throughout the spring and summer.

Duct Cleaning Sioux Falls & Yankton

We want you to enjoy your spring and summer — not spend it sniffling and sneezing. If you’re allergy-prone, a duct cleaning might alleviate some of those problems. And we’re here to help! Just contact our team to set up an appointment today.