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Turning Your AC On? Clean Your Ducts First!

Published On: June 1, 2017Categories: Furnace & Duct Cleaning

Turning Your AC On? Clean your duct work first!

When the in-laws come over and you get out the good chip bowl, you want to wash that sucker out before using it, right?

That same thinking should apply to your air vents and duct work – the ones that have been collecting dust all winter and for the last few weeks while you’ve had the windows open. With summer heat coming, you don’t want to turn on your AC and spew 6 months of air particles and debris across the house.

What you need is a quality duct cleaning.

An HVAC cleaning from your Sioux Falls team ensures your AC system is ready to go when the first 90°+ day arrives.

Spring Duct Cleaning Sioux Falls & Yankton Homes

Getting all the crud that might have settled in your duct work out is an oft forgotten step in spring cleaning Sioux Falls and Yankton homes.

But being proactive can save you from pushing debris through your home, possibly aggravating some allergies in the process. You’ll be able to enjoy the cool blast of your AC all the more when you have peace of mind about how clean your ducts are.

You can learn more about our method with this visual tour of duct cleaning Sioux Falls homes, or read up on how often you should clean your duct work.

Set Up Your HVAC Cleaning

Ready to schedule your HVAC duct cleaning? Have some questions about the process? Check out our furnace & duct cleaning service page.

From there, you can read our duct cleaning FAQ, contact us, or request a free video inspection of your duct work before deciding if you need cleaning!