space heater in apartment

When your furnace is acting up, you’re going to be spending a winter day in the garage, or for some reason it’s just too dang cold at your place, a space heater can be a great solution.

As always, we just want to make sure you’re going about it safely and avoiding any dangerous situations in your house or apartment.

Winter Space Heater Use

First off, to avoid needing a space heater in your home, make sure you get regular furnace cleanings. Not sure how often to get cleanings? Check here »

During a southeastern South Dakota winter, it’s common to see space heaters in offices, houses, and apartments. Combined with a winter window treatment, a good space heater can transform a room from teeth-knocking cold to toasty warm in a matter of minutes.

But if they aren’t being handled correctly, they can make things too warm, if you catch our meaning.

Space Heater Fire Prevention

To avoid fires with space heaters, be sure to keep them clear of combustible materials. Stacks of papers, plants, wood, garbage, and other debris should not be in reach of your space heater.

It’s also important to make sure your space heater is in good condition. Damage to an electric cord or the unit itself could put you at risk of an electric shock, fire, or a carbon monoxide gas leak, depending on the type of space heater.

Electric Space Heaters

When you select a space heater, look for ones labeled by testing facilities like UL (Underwriters Laboratories), CSA (Canadian Standards Association), or ETL (Intertek, no relation). Keep the area immediately around your space heater clear, at least by a yard or so.

A lot of models have automatic kill switches if they’re knocked over. Be sure to look for that feature!

If the unit is electric, be aware of the power requirements. Multiple units that take a lot of juice might overwhelm your system. You also shouldn’t plug a space heater into an extension cord or power strip, only directly into the outlet, and make sure the cord is not somewhere somebody will trip on it.

And naturally, your space heater shouldn’t be unattended. Turn it off if you’re leaving the room or building.Kerosene Space Heater

Fuel-Fired Space Heaters

Space heaters with a fuel source should be inspected annually to make sure they’re adjusted and clean. And those inspections need to be done by someone who’s qualified to test the device, not just you and your guesswork!

Consult and follow the manufacturer instructions. Routinely check for overheating, sensor failure, and any damage to the fuel lines.

Fire Restoration in Sioux Falls

Follow these pointers (and our other fire prevention tips), and you shouldn’t ever need the link below.

But if fire restoration for Sioux Falls, Yankton, or other southeastern South Dakota homes or offices is what you need, you’ve come to the right place!