Tips for Staying Fire-Free during the Holiday Festivities

Things that are fun:  🎄Hanging up twinkling lights with your family 🎄Lighting holiday-scented candles as you enjoy hot cocoa 🎄Breathing in the fresh smell of a real pine tree Things that are not fun:  🔥 Calling 911 because your house is on fire 🔥 Losing your most valuable possessions  🔥 Ruining holiday memories forever This [...]

Testimonial Video: How INTEK Helped After a House Fire in Sioux Falls

Standing in shock with her husband across the street, homeowner Michelle Rife watched her newly remodeled house get swallowed by flames. That’s when her neighbor approached and said, “We need to call INTEK now.” It’s been several years since the Rifes experienced a house fire in Sioux Falls, but Michelle remembers the experience vividly — [...]

How to Keep Your Christmas Tree from Catching on Fire

Real Christmas trees are a wonderful addition to your holiday celebrations. It makes your home smell fantastic and adds an organic touch to your decor. But the risk of a house fire is really high with real trees, but there are two ways to avoid needing our fire restoration services: keep the tree well-watered, and [...]

8 Space Heater Home Safety Tips for Winter

‘Tis the season for cold fingers and toes. And that could mean you’re digging your space heater out to offset the winter chill.  Those little powerhouses can pack a big punch when it comes to heating your space, but that also means they are a huge safety concern. In fact, Consumer Reports says more than 6,000 people end [...]

Sioux Falls Fire Restoration: DIY or Call the Experts?

If you’ve had a fire, even a small one, it’s tough to know what to do next. Sometimes, you can clean up the damage yourself. And sometimes, it’s best to call in the experts. No matter what, always call the fire department if there is a fire of any size because it’s always better to have [...]

How to Prevent Kitchen Fires

The kitchen is one of the primary places where fires in the home start. That’s because the kitchen has all of the ingredients it takes to make a fire: flammable materials interacting with high heat. There are a few things you can do to lower your risk of kitchen fires, and you can find those below. [...]

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Sioux Falls

Has your business recently had smoke and fire damage? Intek provides commercial fire damage restoration services to get your business back in shape. Whether you’ve had a minimal amount of smoke damage or a significant amount of smoke and fire damage, Intek is here for you. Keep reading for our top tips, or pick up [...]

How to Clean Up Smoke Damage in Your Sioux Falls Home

If you have any sort of fire in your home, you know how sneaky—and damaging—smoke is. Because it moves through your house based on the currents in the air, it tends to gather around doorways or on walls. It especially loves higher portions of the wall (remember, heat rises).  Recovering after a fire, especially when [...]

Top 4 Ways to Prevent or Put Out a House Fire

Prepping for a fire is just as important as what you do if there is a fire. According to the American Red Cross, a person only has an average of two minutes to get out of a burning building safely.  That’s not very long! So make the most of your precious time by following our four [...]