Spring cleaning Sioux Falls homes like yours

After the dark and cold of winter, spring makes everything feel better. You can throw open the windows, take a stroll, and ditch those ice scrapers in the back of your trunk.

Still, your house can get pretty crowded and messy after all that time stuck inside. To get you ready for the sun (and maybe a garage sale or two), here’s some of our favorite tips for spring cleaning Sioux Falls and southeastern South Dakota homes.

1. Get Duct Cleaning

Getting your furniture dusted is superb, wiping the tile floors is great, and, if you’re really ambitious, finally cleaning out that catch-all closet is a big win.

But without properly cleaning your ventilation, a lot of dust and particles are just going to settle right back into your space.

Check out this piece on why spring is the optimal time for duct cleaning in Sioux Falls, and help fend off spring allergies!

2. Know Your Cleaners

As we’ve said before, to get the deep-clean that makes all your spring cleaning effort worth it, Sioux Falls homeowners and renters need the right tools. We tackled some cleaning myths in this post so you know how to wield the right products to get the job done.

And speaking of the right products, save a little money for your spring road trip by skipping the name-brand cleaners. You want to pay for the spring cleaning power, not the logo! These DIY cleaner recipes aren’t just cheaper and more eco-friendly – they also work just as well (or better) than the store-bought stuff!

3. Freeing Up Space

Sioux Falls spring cleaning success stories aren’t just about getting everything scrubbed, vacuumed, and polished. The most rewarding battles involve getting rid of all the junk you don’t need anymore.

Decluttering your home can be incredibly daunting, but these 12 tips for reclaiming your space help you break it down and make it easy. You can even get the kids involved!

4. Cleanse Your Kitchen

As your local cleaning team, Intek has seen plenty of dirty kitchens. We know how easily all the little stuff can get away from you and add up in here.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Look no further for kitchen, bathroom, and laundry spring cleaning tips.

5. Check the List

Going basement-floor to attic-ceiling might not be practical for your place, but if nothing else, run through this Sioux Falls spring cleaning checklist to make sure you’ve hit all the most important areas.

6. Defend Your Basement

Remember, we’re not rid of all that snow yet – and for some homeowners, it can cause more problems melting than it did on the driveway and sidewalks.

Here’s how to protect your basement from melting snow this spring and avoid the need for our water damage restoration services

BONUS: Spring Past the Work & Give Us a Call

Look, if you need a little extra help with some flooding, want to give your carpets their bi-annual deep cleaning, or just don’t want to tackle all of this spring cleaning in Sioux Falls or the surrounding towns, don’t worry.

Intek and our trained experts are here to help with any local cleaning near Sioux Falls and Yankton, reaching as far as Brookings and Vermillion to get the job done. Check out our services page to get the details on what we offer.

Happy spring cleaning!

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