A woman cleans her tile floor carefully.

Before you grab the mop and mop bucket, take a second to read a little bit about tile, keeping it healthy, and how often you need to clean it to keep it looking its best. Tile flooring is a little different than other types of flooring because it takes a little bit of TLC to look its best! Heads up: it is a lot of work to make sure that your tile is absolutely spotless, so if you need a break, call Intek.

We’re happy to help keep your tiles sparklingly clean with our tile floor cleaning services in Sioux Falls!

How often should you clean your tile floors?

You should sweep them and wipe them down with something soft like a Swiffer Dry Pad once a day if that area of your house gets a lot of foot traffic. If it’s not a huge area of traffic, every other day should suffice. Then, every week, break out the tile cleaner and start scrubbing.

Tile’s biggest weakness is its grout. If the grout looks ugly, then it makes your tile look nasty. Grout becomes dirty through excessive dirt or debris getting stuck in it. Since grout is porous, you will need to put in some work to get that inevitable grime out of there. Daily sweeping keeps the dirt off your tile and therefore out of your grout. There are also several cleaners out there that can help you deep clean your grout, so go ahead, pick out your favorite, and get to work cleaning your tile floor.

Just make sure you don’t use anything abrasive, like acid or bleach. Stay away from scouring pads or any scrub brushes that involve metal, because that will scratch your tile and wear the grout down prematurely.

Pro tile cleaning tip: when it’s time for the weekly cleaning, make sure to leave all of your cleaning supplies by the door, and then start cleaning from the furthest corner, mopping in a figure 8 motion, and end at the door. That way, you don’t “clean yourself into a corner”, and the figure 8 motion helps you make sure you’re being gentle on your floors while cleaning them thoroughly.

What can happen if you do not clean your tile floors regularly?

The first and most obvious symptom of not cleaning your tile floors is that they will look a little gross. White tiles will lose their luster and colored tiles lose their shine. Uncleaned tile floors can also start to look cloudy because of soap scum that gathers on the surface.

But on the grout level, you can discover mold growth in your tiled floor if you don’t clean them enough. That’s because grout is extremely porous. If you don’t dry out your tile flooring in places like your bathroom or kitchen, excess water can sit in the grout and sprout little furry or black spots like crazy. Nobody wants to deal with all of that! Especially if you have children or pets!

Regular cleaning is essential to keeping your tile flooring hygienic and beautiful.

What are the advantages of having a professional clean your tile floors?

A deep cleaning of your tile floor could take you anywhere from a half hour to a couple hours of serious scrubbing. Additionally, if you choose to go the baking powder route to restoring your grout to health, you have to let that paste sit overnight and then come back in the morning!

The truth is, having tile flooring can be a time suck. But it doesn’t have to be! If you call in the experts, you can kick your feet up while we do the hard work for you. We have special tools that use a powerful force of water and cleaner to get every inch of your grout back to good health, and efficient scrubbers that restore your tile’s shine without harming the surface in any way!

The best part? Our cleaners won’t have your whole house smelling like hydrogen peroxide! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call! Get Intek on the scene so you can enjoy your tile flooring without all the stress.

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