Kim Burma, Intek Customer

Meet Kim Burma, a South Dakota homeowner who has called upon Intek’s various services multiple times between two different homes. Between carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, and mold remediation, she has come to trust Intek to get her home into tip-top shape.

Read on or watch her testimonial video to learn more about her positive experiences in hiring Intek

A “Totally Different” Bathroom

“You know, sometimes you get that icky stuff in your bathroom,” Kim says. “Maybe some moldy stuff around where the water is, and Intek came in.”

Although Kim says that the Intek team always says that they can’t guarantee they will always get that “moldy stuff” cleaned up, they’ve always gotten it out. 

“My bathroom was totally different. It looks amazing,” Kim says. 

She says that her friends and family are also pleased with Intek’s work in their homes following her referrals

“They Work Around Your Schedule”

“The Intek team is courteous and gets you in as soon as they can,” Kim explains. “They work around your schedule.” 

She adds that all of the Intek team members who have entered her home are knowledgeable and nice, and she is a “big fan” of the Intek employees and the South Dakota business.

“It’s amazing. It changes everything about your house,” Kim says.

What Services Can Intek Help You With?

We offer many services for homes and businesses in southeastern South Dakota, including mold remediation, duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and more. Let us know how we can give you an amazing experience like Kim’s!