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You don’t let just anyone into your home, right? Of course not! And even more, you don’t just let anyone bring in equipment and cleaning products to work with your carpets.

It’s important to do a little research before hiring a carpet cleaning company. You want to receive excellent service for the price you pay, and you want your carpets to last as long as possible. If you hire someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, the longevity of your carpets could become compromised and you could be wasting your money.

Here are some questions you can ask.

1. Do you offer a free estimate?

The reputable carpet cleaning companies in your area will likely have comparable rates, but it’s always wise to know what you’re getting your wallet into before you hire anyone to do anything.

By getting a free estimate on a carpet cleaning, you can do a little price shopping among companies and more accurately budget for this project.

If a company doesn’t offer a free estimate, you may want to find one that does.

2. Is your business insured?

Customer service and quality assurance are number one! If the company you’re talking to doesn’t have business insurance, hang up the phone.

Business insurance means that the company is prepared if something goes wrong — whether an employee gets injured on the job, you trip over the cleaning equipment in your living room and break your arm, or a chemical ruins your carpet (unlikely, if you’ve hired a legitimate carpet cleaner, but it’s good for peace of mind.)

It’s always wise to be safe and make sure that any business you hire for any reason has insurance.

3. How long will it take for my carpet to dry?

Listen, if you’re having people over for your child’s graduation party or hosting a holiday, don’t wait until the last minute to get your carpets cleaned.

Carpets can take anywhere from 8-24 hours to dry completely, depending on the thickness of the carpet, the time of year, and the humidity and temperature in your home.

If you are having your carpets cleaned before an occasion, be sure to ask how long the company expects the drying to take. Even for routine cleaning, you need to keep traffic off the carpet during the drying process.

4. What Carpet Cleaning Method Do You Use?

Today, the best carpet cleaning technique is a hot water extraction process.

If the company you’re talking to uses a different cleaning method, ask them to explain how it works and how it compares to hot water extraction. (It likely doesn’t!)

5. Are your cleaning products safe for kids and pets?

Any reputable carpet cleaning business will be using products that will not harm your family members, pets, or the environment.

Still, it’s good to ask rather than assume. Your kiddos spend a lot of time rolling around on your carpet, and your whole family breathes in whatever is in your home. So, it doesn’t hurt to be extra safe and ask about the chemicals and products that will be used in the carpet cleaning process.

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