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5 Things to Clean Before Moving

Published On: June 26, 2020Categories: Carpet Cleaning, Home Maintenance, Tile floor cleaning

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Moving homes can be challenging. 

There are many questions that arise. Where will your new home be located? Will you get the full asking price? What will need to be fixed? What should you clean before moving?

We’re here to take that last question out of the equation for you. Here are some helpful tips for how to clean and five things you should clean prior to moving. 

Cleaning Tips

Okay, before we jump into what to clean, here are some things to keep in mind to help the process go smoothly.

Wait to clean until all your things are in boxes. This may seem like a no brainer, but having enough space to assess what needs to be clean and the room to do it is important.

Clean from the top down. Starting with your ceiling fans, cupboard tops, and walls can help prevent creating more work for yourself and having to wipe things down again.

Clean task-by-task vs. room-by-room. Not only can this help you remember what you already did, it can also help the process move more efficiently and use your cleaning products effectively.

5 Things to Clean Before Moving

1. Furnace & Ducts

Having your furnace and ducts professionally cleaned eliminates dust, pet hair, pollen, mold, and other irritants from your furnace and ductwork. It can also increase the efficiency of your home energy system, making this more appealing to potential buyers.

2. Tile Floors

To give your tile floors that “brand new” appearance, tile floors should be properly maintained, but can be professionally cleaned as well. Cleaning tile floors isn’t always easy. The INTEK team follows a thorough step-by-step process to ensure the shiniest clean possible while using biodegradable products that are safe for you, your family, our technicians, and those new to your home.

3. Carpets

To keep your carpet free of nasty germs, allergens, and other filth, experts recommend cleaning your carpet at least once a year. However, carpet cleaning is especially important before moving as many spills, stains, and foot traffic can soil your carpet. Check out our blog series on how to remove stains from carpet.

There are many options for cleaning your carpet. Find what’s right for you and contact INTEK for your carpet cleaning needs prior to your move.

4. Exterior

Something that’s easily overlooked during the moving process is the exterior of your home. If you’re moving during the warmer months, it’s important to preserve your home and bump up that curb appeal! Here are six benefits of pressure washing your home.

5. Windows

Since you’ll be hitting the outside of your windows while cleaning the exterior of your home, don’t forget to wipe down the inside! Window screens can collect dust and grime throughout the year. Cleaning those plus your windows let in more natural light. You can easily find a safe, DIY recipe for window cleaner (and other cleaners) here.

If You Need it Clean, Call the INTEK Team

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South Dakota homeowners, we are here to help when you find yourself moving to a new home.

No matter what you need cleaned prior to moving, the INTEK team can handle the job. Our hot water extraction process for carpet cleaning is the top cleaning method recommended by carpet manufacturers and is available to you in the Sioux Falls area. Learn more about our professional carpet cleaning options here.

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