Knowing everything your home insurance covers can be tricky. Many times, certain things are only covered if they’re paired with a larger incident. 

For instance, if your home has recently suffered water damage, you’ll likely have some mold issues. Are you sure the mold removal process is included with your coverage?

basement mold

When You’re Covered

As we said, if you’re experiencing issues with mold in your home as a result of water damage or an accidental incident, such as a broken pipe or leaking appliance, you’re likely covered by your home insurance. 

While we make general insurance statements, insurance policies and coverage vary from company to company and your home insurance agent should be consulted to get your policy specifics during any claim.

Although mold remediation may be covered within your overall insurance policy after an incident occurs, there may be a cap on the dollar amount the insurance agency covers for mold removal specifically, so it’s important to inquire about the specifics with your insurance agent. 

If you want to purchase mold coverage above that set amount, it can usually be added as an optional rider.

Unfortunately, if you’ve experienced water damage due to natural flooding, you’d only be covered if you’ve got specific flood insurance on your policy.

When You’re Not Covered

In addition to water damage and mold caused by flooding, if you’ve neglected maintenance of minor issues that result in bigger problems, you’re likely not covered either.

Most states allow home insurance companies to exclude mold from coverage, except when the mold is caused by a problem covered in the policy.

Something like a small bathtub leak or an overly humid climate — such as your basement — with no dehumidifier that then results in black mold would not be covered by an insurance claim. 

What to Do When You’ve Got Mold

In any situation, talk to your insurance agent to see what’s covered when you’ve experienced water damage and mold in your home to see what’s covered.

Keep records of everything that was damaged and needs repairs to support any claims where mold occurred as a result of water.

Mold inspections are free for the immediate Sioux Falls, Yankton, Brookings and Vermillion area, but there may be a charge in other areas. Give us a call and we can let you know.

When you’re ready for water damage restoration and mold remediation, let us know!