Does Your Home Insurance Cover Mold Removal?

Knowing everything your home insurance covers can be tricky. Many times, certain things are only covered if they’re paired with a larger incident.  For instance, if your home has recently suffered water damage, you’ll likely have some mold issues. Are you sure the mold removal process is included with your coverage? When You’re Covered [...]

Mild or Mildew: What’s the Difference?

You've likely heard the terms mold and mildew used together — perhaps even interchangeably. Both types of fungus can grow indoors, spread easily, are difficult to kill, and can produce negative effects on both your home and building structure.

6 Benefits of Pressure Washing Your South Dakota Home

Now that it’s finally sweet summertime, Sioux Falls and Yankton homeowners can give their home a great exterior spruce-up by pressure washing! This pressurized water cleaning method is preferred by many home and business owners to clean driveways, roofs, decks, and more. If you haven’t yet this summer, here are six reasons to pressure wash [...]

How to Control Mold Growth in Your Sioux Falls Home

Preventing mold growth in your home can sound like a tough job, but we promise it isn’t. The main things that you need to know are where to find mold and how to prevent it from growing, both of which are easily managed if you have the right information! Of course, we’re always more than [...]

How to Find Mold and Water Damage in Your Sioux Falls Home

Ever smell something weird in your house but you’re not sure where it’s coming from? Honestly, it could be the surfaces in your home. Any surface or substance that’s damp for a long time may begin to grow mold, and you can find those surfaces all over your home. So your bathroom, your kitchen, even [...]

How to do Mold Removal in Your Sioux Falls Home

So you’ve spotted mold. What now? Well, let’s clean it up! Mold removal doesn’t have to be big and scary, as long as you’re not getting in over your head. But how do you know if your mold situation can be DIY or if you need help with mold remediation? Before you reach for the scrub [...]

Does Your Business Need a Mold Inspection in Sioux Falls?

Mold isn’t pretty. There are so many different types, moldy areas smell awful, and it’s terrible for your health. You don’t want mold setting up shop in your business, but sometimes it’s hard to spot mold before it’s taken over. Are you wondering if your business needs a mold inspection in Sioux Falls? Keep reading [...]

Ice Dams 101: What Is an “Ice Dam,” Anyway?

“Ice dam.” Even the name doesn’t sound good. You may have heard that you should prevent ice dams as part of your winter prep Sioux Falls . . . but what does that even mean? Today, we’re telling you everything you need to know about ice dams in South Dakota — what they are, why they’re [...]

Checking for Attic Mold in Your Home

When you own a house, your attic isn’t necessarily at the front of your mind. However, your attic vents may be a hotspot for a word that no homeowner wants to hear: mold. Our Intek team has been removing mold from Sioux Falls homes for a while now, and we know that the tough-to-reach places [...]