New Construction

Moving is exciting — especially if you’re building a new construction home or finishing up a remodel.

Even though you’re likely eager to get settled in your fresh, new space, there’s one area of the house that might not be clean: your ductwork.

Dusty Construction

Some builders will clear the ducts before a new homeowner moves in, but many leave behind debris.

You can ask your builder if duct cleaning is in your contract, and if it’s not, you should negotiate to get it included if possible. This saves you the cost of ductwork cleaning after the building is done.

Things like drywall dust, plastic coverings, screws, plaster, nails and sawdust fill the ducts of a lot of new construction homes. Duct cleaning will remove all of those potential allergens before you move in, so you’re breathing clean in your brand-new space.

If you’re just starting construction, you can ask the crew to saw outdoors, but in Sioux Falls, SD, this isn’t always possible — no one wants to work outside in the middle of winter. You can also ask the crew to tightly seal the vents, but if they’re working with the furnace running, your ducts will need to be cleaned.

Renovation Residue

It’s not just new construction — even small home remodels can leave your ducts a mess.

Before you start a renovation project, seal off all the ducts. This will minimize the amount of dust traveling through your vents, although it might not eliminate the problem altogether.

It’s especially important to schedule a cleaning if you remodel an older home, where asbestos and lead paint may be a concern. Those are things that can be incredibly dangerous to breathe in, so be sure to take appropriate actions during construction, as well as after.

Duct Report

Furnace and duct cleaning eliminates dust, pollens and molds, removing potential allergens from your home. It also increases the efficiency of your home energy system — whether it’s brand new or not. It’s great to get your furnace and duct cleaning out of the way before you move in, but it can be done after, too.

Here at INTEK we offer free video inspections of ductwork so you can decide whether you feel our services are necessary. Contact us to get an inspection on your new home or newly remodeled space.

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