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6 Industry-insider Tips for Buying New Carpets

Published On: March 20, 2017Categories: Carpet Cleaning, Home Maintenance

Are You Ready for New Carpeting?

Trying to figure out where to buy new carpeting in Sioux Falls? Don’t get too far ahead of yourself!

There are a lot of easy-to-make wrong turns when you’re shopping for new carpets, and we’d hate to see you take any of them.So what do you need to know before you visit a store? We’re here to break it down.

1. Be Prepared: New Carpets are Expensive

Getting new carpets can be a worthwhile purchase, especially if your current carpeting has reached the end of its life. But don’t expect buying new carpets to be a small purchase.

As we’ve said about before, it’s much cheaper to maintain your carpets than to replace them. Even if you’re at the point where new carpeting is inevitable, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a few hundred (or thousand) dollars at the ready. The carpet itself, padding, installation, and any additional fees can quickly drive the cost up.

2. Comparison Shop, and Ask About Hidden Fees

We like to assume the best in people, but some places bet on you not doing your homework. They’ll over-quote new carpeting costs, downplay the price of their services, or say they have free installation, but tack on more fees.

The best way to avoid this is to make sure you get quotes from at least a couple different places, and ask up front what your final cost will be. Take care to avoid common carpet scams.

3. Get Your Measurements Right

An easy way to lose on your new carpet purchase is to get more material than you need. You’ll not only be paying for excess carpet, but leftover padding as well. And if you are stuck with extra material, you’re either kicking money to the curb or storing an expanse of carpet you’re not likely to ever use again.

As we said in The Cost of Replacing Carpet Vs. Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners:

“To get the most accurate estimate of how much you need, take measurements of the room you’re carpeting and be sure to correctly calculate the square footage you need.”

4. Verify You’ve Got Certified Installers

Tips for Sioux Falls carpet buyersJust like you’ve done to find the best carpet cleaners near you, check online reviews, ask your friends, and ask whoever is installing your carpet about their credentials.

Make sure you are working with someone who knows what they’re doing, because poorly installed carpet won’t last. Someone cutting corners or failing to stretch the carpet fully across the room could chop the life of your new carpeting in half. (It’s even worse than neglecting your vacuuming.)

5. Choose the Right Grade of Carpet and Padding

As you head off to shop for the right pattern and texture, you should know how long you want your new carpet to last. Some carpeting will give you 10 to 20 years, while other bundles will be worn out in 5. Knowing how to identify the right grade of carpet can make a difference.

Here’s a free tool you can use to figure out what carpet grade you’ll need.

6. Treat Your New Carpet Right

Whether your last carpet led a long, happy life, or it was done early because you didn’t know how often carpet needs to be cleaned, be good to your new carpet.

You paid a lot for it, you took the time to make sure it was installed right, and it matches all your furniture and walls — don’t mess that up by neglecting it! Your professional carpet cleaners are here and ready to help.

See which carpet cleaning package is best for your home, or set up an appointment today.

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