Intek is here and ready to help with fire mitigation in Sioux Falls or Yankton.

Has your business recently had smoke and fire damage? Intek provides commercial fire damage restoration services to get your business back in shape. Whether you’ve had a minimal amount of smoke damage or a significant amount of smoke and fire damage, Intek is here for you.

Keep reading for our top tips, or pick up the phone and give us a call. We can be on the scene to be there to help soon!

Address the Damage Right Away

Make sure to stay out of the building until the fire marshal has cleared it, and then call Intek to get that smoke damage taken care of right away. Even a small fire can cause structural damage and also affect the health of your employees! It’s imperative that you start the fire damage mitigation process right away. 

The longer you let the structure sit the way it is right after a fire, the longer you are unable to be in the structure and that means loss of revenue! Make sure to minimize the damage by getting your office space cleaned as soon as possible. Intek can help.

Smoke Damage

Smoke is an incredibly pervasive substance, and it quickly soaks into walls and ductwork. The easiest way to identify smoke damage is to look for areas that are discolored, corroded, or have a really strong smell.

Sections of your office affected by smoke damage will need a thorough cleaning to lower health risks – smoke is toxic!

Breathing in the toxins and irritants that are present in smoke could really affect your employee’s health, and those workman’s comp doctor bills can be expensive!

Water Damage

If you’re thinking about fire damage, why would you need to worry about water damage too? Because water shows up the minute you need to put the fire out. Especially if it’s a large fire, the fireman’s water hose will spew water all over the affected areas and then some.

That water can seep into flooring, walls, and fixtures. Water damage that’s left unchecked can quickly develop into mold growth, which is another health risk. Get our team onsite as soon as possible so that we can mitigate your office water damage.

Feeling overwhelmed?

When you’re reeling from the shock of even a small fire in your office, resist the urge to panic, and get the right team on the scene instead. Just give us a callIt’s easier to talk through next steps with an expert instead of trying to do it all on your own. The Intek team is experienced, patient, and well-versed in the finer points of insurance!

Don’t stress, call Intek.