Office cleaning tips

Has your company returned to the office yet?

If not, you probably will soon . . . or at least eventually (unless your business is going 100% remote — in which case, more power to you!).

For those of us who do still have office work in our present or future, keeping the office clean has become a key matter of concern. How can we know we’re safe at work, during (or after) the pandemic?

Our cleaning experts have plenty of tips to help keep your entire team healthy, even during COVID-19. We can’t guarantee you won’t get sick, of course, but we can provide cleaning advice and janitorial services that can give you extra peace of mind.

Check out some of our top articles on office cleaning below, and contact us with any questions!

How often should you clean your Sioux Falls office?How Often Should You Clean Your Office?

Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly?

Read this article to find our tips on what you need and when you should start scrubbing.

(And know that — at least right now — the more often, the better!)

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Keeping your Sioux Falls office clean doesn't have to be a challenge!4 Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean

Trying to stay on top of day-to-day office cleaning without stressing yourself out?

Learn our top four tips for maintaining a consistently clean office space.

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Commercial Duct Cleaning Sioux FallsWhy Your Office Needs Commercial Duct Cleaning in Sioux Falls

Cleaning your office ducts may sound dull, but it’s actually hugely important for employee health.

Check out the full list of benefits of scheduling a regular duct cleaning for your office building.

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The Dirtiest Places in Your OfficeThe Dirtiest Places in Your Office

Do you know the dirtiest place in your office? Hint: it’s not the bathroom.

We’ve researched the worst offenders, the borderline-bad, and other dirty places to watch (and disinfect!) in your office.

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An office that could be healthier, more efficient, and have happier clients if the business manager calls Intek.3 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Cleaning Service for Your Business

You know you need to clean your office, but do you really need to hire a professional cleaning service?

Maybe, maybe not. Check out these three reasons why calling the pros could actually benefit your business (especially now).

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Prevent a sick workforceHow Sioux Falls Janitorial Services Affect Your Company’s Bottom Line

Hiring a cleaning service can not only keep your employees healthy, but also impact your bottom line.

Discover how janitorial services could be your secret weapon to getting through this next season, whatever the pandemic could bring our way.

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Hire the Sioux Falls Office Cleaning Pros

Hopefully, keeping the office clean is a priority for your business, especially while we’re dealing with COVID-19.

If you’d like some help, we offer janitorial services and building maintenance services that can not only save you time and money, but also keep your employees safe and healthy during the pandemic.