Living in Brookings means experiencing cold winters and hot summers, but we (usually) have a bit of time in between that is optimal for some deep home cleaning — spring cleaning!

We’ve put together a few around-the-house projects (some big, some small) that can help maintain your home’s condition and save you money on replacements later.

Cleaning a Brookings kitchen

Level One: Around the House

Let’s start with some lower-level, easy jobs that could be done more than once a year but are also easy to forget:

  • Washing all pillowcases and blankets
  • Dusting all light fixtures
  • Flipping all mattresses/cushions
  • Getting rid of expired food from your refrigerator
  • Cleaning out your oven and dishwasher
  • Wiping out the inside of your garbage cans
  • Vacuuming all carpets and rugs*

*When was the last time you cleaned your vacuum cleaner? Here are our tips on how to get the best clean from your vacuum.

Level Two: For Deeper Cleaning

All of these are fairly simple jobs you can do anytime, with what you have, but there are also some larger jobs around the house that should be done at least once a year.

  • Moving appliances to clean under and behind them
  • Replacing or cleaning toiletries such as sponges and loofahs
  • Replacing the shower curtain liner
  • Organizing closets and donating unused clothing
  • Scrubbing and soak all showers, toilets, and sinks

You can read our full list of major spring cleaning places to not forget on our blog, or we also have a list that breaks down important cleaning projects by room.

Level Three: For the Professionals

Now we get into jobs that also should be done once a year, but are best done (and more efficiently done) by professional cleaning services — ones like Intek Cleaning and Restoration in Brookings!

Did you know that springtime is the best time of year to get your home’s ducts cleaned?

Before getting hit with Brookings summer heat, our team can come clean your home’s ducts to help alleviate allergy symptoms and get rid of old dust/mold particles while making your home’s energy systems more efficient.

Vacuuming your carpets is fine most of the time, but getting your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year can keep them in better condition, longer.

Our team uses a hot water extraction process and all biodegradable products to give your carpets a deeper clean without using harsh chemicals. Pet messes, winter’s sludge, allergens and filth are all taken care of with our carpet cleaning services. You can read more about our different carpet cleaning packages on our site.

Intek is Here to Help

Some of these projects can seem annoying or daunting as you put them off, but Intek is here to help keep Brookings homes and offices clean — so call us if you don’t feel like cleaning your kitchen’s tile floor or if you’ve noticed your carpet looking dingy even after vacuuming. Our team is happy to help with your spring cleaning projects.