Just this summer, Intek acquired Nu-Tech to bring our wide variety of cleaning and restoration services to the Brookings area — which now includes our duct cleaning services!

Intek duct cleaning now in Brookings

Signs You’re Due for Duct Cleaning

If you:

  • Haven’t had your ducts cleaned in the last 5-7 years.
  • Recently renovated your home
  • Notice dust coming from vents when cool air is on.
  • See any vermin or rodents entering or exiting through duct openings.
  • Suspect mold might be present in your ducts. 
  • Notice allergy symptoms worsening.

All of these (and a few more here) could be signs that you are due for a duct cleaning. There are also great advantages to keeping up with your ducts!

Before and after duct cleaning by Intek

Breathe in the Benefits

Getting your ducts cleaned can help you and yours breathe easy in a few ways. For those that struggle with allergies, you might notice some relief from allergy symptoms and overall improvement of air quality

More than that, clean ducts can save you a few bucks! When your ducts don’t have to work as hard to move air through a building or home, you spend less time adjusting that thermostat and therefore save money on your electricity bill. You can read more about the health and financial benefits of clean ducts on our blog.

Watch Intek's duct cleaning process

Get Your Ducts Checked by Intek

If you think dirty ducts are causing air quality issues for your Brookings home or business, Intek will do a free video inspection and show you exactly what condition your ducts are in. 

There is no mess you’ll have to deal with when we’re done, you can even watch a video that shows our exact process to know what to expect!