Homeowners Insurance Checklist for the New Year

The year 2022 is quickly approaching. With the end of another year comes a time for reflection. Intek wants to remind you to reflect on your homeowners insurance and what it covers so the new year can have fewer worries.  Whether you recently bought your first home or just want to refresh your coverage [...]

Know What Your Insurance Covers: Holiday Disaster Edition

This time of year is one of food, family and festivities of all kinds. But with all of the excitement around the holidays, we can easily forget the extra safety precautions needed to prevent any accidents or damage to your home and belongings.  We’re not saying the holidays are bound for disaster, but [...]

What Insurance Agents Want Homeowners to Know

Becoming a homeowner and deciding how and when to use your insurance can be a daunting task for any person. Here are some of the things insurance agents want you to keep in mind when thinking about what types of insurance to get and when to use it. When Buying Insurance When shopping for [...]

How Often Should I Clean My Carpets?

“How often should I clean my carpets?” We hear that question a lot. And since we’ve been carpet cleaning Sioux Falls homes since the 80s, we’ve heard a lot of different answers and schools of thought. But our answer isn’t that complicated. […]

Where to Get Rid of Your Real Christmas Tree in Sioux Falls

Like everything else in 2020, Christmas in Sioux Falls has just been weird, hasn't it? In one of the warmest, driest seasons on record, the holidays are almost over. It's already time to start thinking of disposing the tree that you feel like you just put up. Which begs the question: What do I even do with this thing?

The Five Best Plants for Killing Cigarette Smells

Tired of that cigarette smell from your home’s previous owners? Sometimes it seems no matter the amount of cleaning, the cigarette smoke smell won’t go away. Residue and particles left behind by cigarette smoke can contain heavy metals, carcinogens, and toxins which contaminate your home. So, how do you get rid of it? Luckily, there’s a good old fashioned, natural way to help with cutting out that smell. Plants! Plants are an effective and natural way to get rid of cigarette smoke odors and pollutants.

5 Things to Clean Before Moving

Moving homes can be challenging. There are many questions that arise. Where will your new home be located? Will you get the full asking price? What will need to be fixed? What should you clean before moving?

5 Fall Cleaning Tips to Prepare Your South Dakota Home for Winter

Now that it's officially pumpkin-spice-everything season, you only have a matter of weeks before your home should be ready for the dreaded "W" word. Winter will be here soon in South Dakota, and while it may seem like you just did spring cleaning a minute ago, autumn is a good time to do another thorough cleaning project on your home before the cold weather sets in.