Water Damage Restoration

Melting Into Spring

Spring is a great time of year to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. One of the best parts of spring is the beautiful blooming flowers, trees, and plants that come with it. Of course, the longer days of sunlight are also a major perk – there's nothing quite like the feeling of [...]

Household Mold: What You Need to Know

It’s common knowledge that mold is something we don’t want in our homes. It looks and smells unpleasant and can also spoil our food. The worst part is when mold invades your living space, it could potentially cause health problems and damage to your home. Even though mold mitigation is a top concern for [...]

Brookings Sump Pumps: How Do I Keep My Home Dry and Safe?

It’s important for homeowners in Brookings to know not only what a sump pump is, but also whether their houses have a working one installed.  Sump pumps in Brookings are notoriously hard to know and maintain. At INTEK, our team gets questions about sump pumps all the time. One of the most common questions [...]

How to Protect Your Home from Spring Flooding

When you think of flooding, you might think of rivers flowing over their banks, or fields and streets covered in water. It’s an all-too-common sight. And while April showers certainly cause the majority of flooding here in the Midwest, the damage they cause isn’t so immediately apparent.  Frozen pipes, poor drainage, and the absence [...]

Six Tips to Prevent Winter Water Damage in Your Home

Cold weather plus water can equal disaster for your midwestern home.  Unexpected water damage can occur at any time in your home, but you can expect the unexpected during the winter and early spring months. Beware of what can cause water damage to your home, and learn how to prevent it from happening in [...]

Now Servicing the Brookings Area: Intek Acquires Nu-Tech

Good news, Brookings! The INTEK team is growing. INTEK Cleaning & Restoration is adding a location in the Brookings area – one that’s likely familiar to you. As of June 1, we are providing cleaning services to Brookings and the surrounding area. We are excited to expand north and provide service to more of [...]

Sump Pump: Do You Need One?

A sump pump is a valuable tool for homeowners. So how do you know if you need one? More importantly, what do you need to do to make sure it’s operating correctly? […]

New Water Damage in a New Location? No Problem.

2020 was a tough year for everyone. The last thing Jerry Cook, owner of Rehfeld’s Art & Framing, was expecting when he recently moved his business in downtown Sioux Falls this past fall was water damage. Building owner Sheila Hazard stopped by one Monday morning for what should have been a routine day of meetings, only to discover new building tenants Rehfeld’s Art & Framing’s space had flooded.

Do All Houses Have Sump Pumps?

If you’re a new homeowner in Sioux Falls, you might be wondering whether your house has a sump pump. Heck, you might be wondering what a sump pump even is. It’s okay—sump pumps in Sioux Falls are a surprisingly mysterious subject. At INTEK, we get asked about sump pumps all [...]