A slight carpet tear here or a frayed rug there may not seem like a big issue to some, but it can be to others.

In reality, loose, unsecured rugs and damaged carpets with curled edges are factors that may contribute to falls in your household or business. 

Fall injuries can occur at the transition between carpet to rug, non-carpet to rug, on wet carpets or rugs, and hurrying in the bathroom with a loose bathroom mat.

It’s important to identify any tears or trip hazards due to rugs and rectify the issue as quickly as possible.

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Maintenance is Key

So how do you keep your rugs from fraying or slipping and your carpet from tearing?

Maintenance. It’s important to keep your carpets groomed regularly, especially in high traffic areas to avoid frayed edges or rips. 

Carpet raking is a method of resetting the way your carpet lies. Typically done before or after a cleaning, carpet grooming can help preserve the life and look of your carpet.

The process involves using a special rake or brush to either push or pull the carpet pile in one direction.

Regular vacuuming is also important to maintain the way your carpet lies and wears. Beware of rolling over the edges of rugs and carpet transitions between rooms too harshly, as that can cause additional wear and tear on those areas.  

Your carpet isn’t the only item that needs to be maintained regularly. It’s also important to keep any area rugs regularly cleaned and taken care of to ensure they last

To avoid your rugs from slipping and causing trips or falls, consider using gripper tape or a gripper pad under the rug or floor mat to secure it to your floor. 

Clean, Repeat, Replace (If Needed)

Proper maintenance and regular carpet cleaning are key for keeping your home or business safe and operational for others. 

It’s important to regularly maintain and inspect the carpeted areas in your home or business to avoid potential falls and injuries.

If you’re in need of new carpet altogether, be sure to avoid these mistakes when replacing carpet.

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