Start the New Year with a Clean Office

A fresh South Dakota snowfall is so beautiful — until it's not! When the New Year rolls around, we're all a bit tired of the snow. It turns a dirty brown color and necessitates salt being dumped all over the sidewalks.

4 Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean

Have you ever gotten to the end of a busy week, looked around the office, and realized that the place needs a good cleaning, only to get overwhelmed and promise yourself that you will get around to deep cleaning next week? But then “next week” slowly turns into “next month”? It really does happen [...]

How Sioux Falls Janitorial Services Affect Your Company’s Bottom Line

Getting sick is bad enough for individuals, but having a swarm of employees come down with something is a manager’s nightmare. Germs are all over offices and other workplaces, and preventing your employees from getting exposed to unnecessary bacteria at work is imperative to your operation. Sioux Falls janitorial services could be the difference between [...]

Sioux Falls Commercial Cleaning Services with Intek

Sioux Falls commercial cleaning services are an important piece of your business plan. Whether you sell shoes or cars, you want a clean showroom for customers and your sales team. After all, you need people to want to be there! Intek can work around your business’ operational hours to ensure a clean and healthy work [...]

Post-Hurricanes, INTEK’s Jenna Snyder Lends a Helping Hand

Fourteen states. Six hotels. And one night in a Walmart parking lot. That was how Jenna Snyder, business development manager at INTEK, spent her September. From September 2 to October 2, 2017, Jenna Snyder was out of the INTEK office, doing a different type of cleaning. At the encouragement of INTEK owner Jerry Berg, Jenna traveled [...]

Commercial Cleaning: Why You Need Someone to Clean Your Office

Have you ever worked in an office that nobody cleaned? Maybe it goes unnoticed for a while, but sooner or later it causes problems. An unclean workspace looks unprofessional, harbors germs and disease, and could even impact the mood of your workers. Janitorial services aren’t the most glamorous thing to research for your office, but [...]

The Dirtiest Places in Your Office

Do you know the dirtiest place in your office? Hint: it’s not the bathroom. According to a study by Kimberly-Clark Professional, the single dirtiest spot in your office is actually the sink faucet handle in the break room. Makes you want to think twice before filling up that coffee pot, huh? […]

Preventing Food Poisoning: Don’t Invite Norovirus for Dinner

If you run a Sioux Falls daycare, host big dinner parties, or just live in a home that takes time to cook a meal together, it’s imperative to the safety of everyone you’re feeding to keep a clean kitchen. Preventing food poisoning in your home isn’t a common concern, but all it takes is theimproper handling of [...]