How to Replace a Sump Pump this Spring

A sump pump in good condition is usually a necessity in Sioux Falls. It will help prevent flooding, which means avoiding damage to your home and belongings. Less moisture also means a lower chance of mold growth and all the health hazards that come with it. How do you know [...]

Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Sioux Falls Homes

After the dark and cold of winter, spring makes everything feel better. You can throw open the windows, take a stroll, and ditch those ice scrapers in the back of your trunk. Still, your house can get pretty crowded and messy after all that time stuck inside. To get you ready for the sun (and [...]

Post-holiday Carpet Cleaners in Sioux Falls and Yankton

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it means you have survived yet another holiday season. Now you can put your feet up, start cherishing the latest bundle of memories, and push off the thought of doing this all again in 11 months. That is, unless your family and friends left your place in worse shape than [...]

How To Prepare Your Carpet for Professional Cleaning

Having your carpets professionally cleaned is important to your carpet’s lifespan. When we come to your Sioux Falls or Yankton home or office to get the job done, we want to create the best and most efficient experience possible, with the least amount of inconvenience for you. Here are a few things you can do [...]

Checking for Attic Mold in Your Home

When you own a house, your attic isn’t necessarily at the front of your mind. However, your attic vents may be a hotspot for a word that no homeowner wants to hear: mold. Our Intek team has been removing mold from Sioux Falls homes for a while now, and we know that the tough-to-reach places [...]

Ensuring a Better Life for Your Area Rugs

Area rugs are perfect for grounding a room’s aesthetic, cutting down noise, and giving your bare feet (or your pets) something soft to enjoy. Sometimes, we encounter homes where great rugs are being forgotten. We wanted to offer some tips on making a rug last. […]

6 Industry-insider Tips for Buying New Carpets

Trying to figure out where to buy new carpeting in Sioux Falls? Don’t get too far ahead of yourself! There are a lot of easy-to-make wrong turns when you’re shopping for new carpets, and we’d hate to see you take any of them. […]