What if you thought you’d lost your $6,000 engagement ring forever . . . only to find it hiding in your ductwork years later?

That’s exactly what happened to one lucky INTEK customer.

$6,000 Engagement Ring Rescued by INTEK Duct Cleaning

Several weeks ago, a homeowner called INTEK for some routine duct cleaning in Sioux Falls.

While performing our extensive five-step duct cleaning process, our INTEK professional noticed something shiny among the typical rubble in the ductwork. Upon closer inspection, he realized it was an engagement ring!

The homeowner couldn’t believe it when the INTEK duct cleaner presented him with the ring. He’d thought his wife’s old engagement ring — which was worth $6,000 — was lost for good.

Needless to say, the couple was pretty excited. They definitely got a good ROI on their Sioux Falls duct cleaning service, wouldn’t you say?

What’s Hiding in Your Ducts?

If one homeowner can find a long-lost engagement ring in his ductwork, what might be hiding in your ducts?

You never know what you might find in your ductwork — including things you’d forgotten about completely. If you think there’s a chance something may have “slipped through the cracks,” consider getting your ducts cleaned.

We recommend getting your ducts cleaned about once a year. If you experience bad allergies or have recently built or remodeled your home, you may want to do so more frequently.

Not convinced duct cleaning is necessary? Here are seven reasons why you need to hire a duct cleaner in Sioux Falls.

When you’re ready to take the next step, watch this video about INTEK duct cleaning in Sioux Falls. We offer a free video inspection of your ductwork, so you can decide whether or not our services are necessary.