Couple and their dogs enjoying a South Dakota summer evening in their backyard.

Finally, summer is here!

Homeowners, we know you’ll be doing a lot of work on your South Dakota home during the next few months. From dealing with the aftermath of summer storms, landscaping for poor drainage, cleaning out your AC ducts, and cleaning gooey s’mores of your carpet, we’ve got you covered with helpful information.

Here’s a roundup of our summer-related blog posts that you’ll find handy!

1. Prep your Home for Summer Storms

A storm on the horizon. Do you know what you need to do to get ready for a summer storm?

Summer weather is a challenge for homeowners for a few reasons — most of them revolving around the common thunderstorm. Those storms have two main ingredients that pose a potential threat to your home: lightning and rainwater.

Before you see that tell-tale flash in the sky this summer, here are a few ways to get your house ready for the weather.

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2. Stay Safe with Summer Bonfires

Sioux Falls Bonfires & Summer Fire Safety

Fire damage restoration isn’t a service anyone wants to use, but there are some things you can do to make it less likely we’re needed at your house.

Let’s talk about a few tips to keep your home safe when you’re having a bonfire or grilling this summer.

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3. Remove Summer Stains with These Tips

Spilled wine glass

Summertime means summer fun. Picnics, ballgames, vacations – it’s all fun and games until you stain your clothes.

Whether it’s a grass stain on your nice white shorts or strawberry juice that leaked on your shirt, there are many summer-specific stains. Here are some stain removal tips.

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4. Prepare Your Landscaping for Summer

A home with beautiful landscaping.

Before you break out the sunscreen, remember that summertime brings plenty of rain along with the shine. Here are three creative ways to prepare your South Dakota landscaping for the summer storms that could wreak havoc on your lawn.

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5. Improve Your Home’s Drainage Issues

Landscaping ideas for poor drainage in Sioux Falls

After a heavy rainfall, you may be left dealing with leaks, floods, and even water damage.

However, with the right landscaping, you can actually improve your drainage issues and avoid water damage altogether! Try out these five landscaping tips.

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6. Prepare Your Grill

Clean your grill every spring.

Grilling is typically a simple task, but there are precautions to take before firing up the grill that’s been sitting on the deck all winter. Here are some cleaning tips to prepare your grill for those juicy steaks and shish kabobs.

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7. Clean Your AC Ducts Before Turning it On

Turning Your AC On? Clean your duct work first!

Your AC ducts have been collecting dust all winter and for the last few weeks while you’ve had the windows open. With summer heat coming, you don’t want to turn on your AC and spew six months of air particles and debris across the house.

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8. Check for Signs of Mold

Mold is gross, especially in Sioux Falls or Yankton.

With a wet summer, rain floods many basements and causes people to call us for mold remediation. How can you tell if your home has mold, and what should you do if it does?

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9. Don’t Leave for Vacation Without this Checklist

Things to do before leaving for vacation

Getting ready to go on vacation? Your suitcase isn’t the only thing you need to get ready. 

If you’re planning on vacating your house for a couple days or more, make sure it’s in tip-top shape before you leave. If you don’t, you might be met with a high utility bill, a plumbing leak, a burglary, or even (gulp!) a house fire when you get back home.

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10. Love and Rescue Sioux Falls Ducks

Baby ducks, a week after being rescued by the Intek team.

Finally, enjoy one of our favorite summer stories! The Intek team had the special opportunity to take good care of a few wild members of the world one summer. If you haven’t heard this story, it’s not one you’ll want to miss.

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