How Often Should I Clean My Carpets?

“How often should I clean my carpets?” We hear that question a lot. And since we’ve been carpet cleaning Sioux Falls homes since the 80s, we’ve heard a lot of different answers and schools of thought. But our answer isn’t that complicated. […]

Which Sioux Falls Carpet Cleaning Package is Best for You?

It’s that time of year where mud, slush, sand and more are getting trudged into your house on a daily basis. But winter isn’t the only season that causes issues with your carpet. You can thank rain, children, pets, home remodeling, and many other things for needing carpet cleaning year-round. Experts recommend cleaning your carpet [...]

Don’t Let Your Carpet Trip You Up! Our Carpet Safety Tips

A slight carpet tear here or a frayed rug there may not seem like a big issue to some, but it can be to others. In reality, loose, unsecured rugs and damaged carpets with curled edges are factors that may contribute to falls in your household or business. Fall injuries can occur at the transition between carpet to rug, non-carpet to rug, on wet carpets or rugs, and hurrying in the bathroom with a loose bathroom mat. It’s important to identify any tears or trip hazards due to rugs and rectify the issue as quickly as possible.

Carpet Cleaning: Does It Matter What Kind of Carpet I Have?

Not all carpets are created equal. You know that's true in terms of softness, durability, and (if you've ever shopped at Home Depot) price point. But what about cleanliness? In this post, we'll take a look at the different types of carpet, how easy they are to clean, and what to do if yours could use some help.

Can Rugs Be Professionally Carpet Cleaned?

We’ve written a lot in the past about the pros and cons of getting your carpet professionally cleaned, but what if you don’t have rooms full of carpet? As we roll through the winter months, we can expect wet, muddy (or even snowy) shoes coming and going or dirty pet [...]

5 Things to Clean Before Moving

Moving homes can be challenging. There are many questions that arise. Where will your new home be located? Will you get the full asking price? What will need to be fixed? What should you clean before moving?

Is Carpet Cleaning Safe for My Pets?

Fur. Muddy paw prints. Bathroom accidents. Pet owners know owning a dog or cat can really wreak havoc on your flooring. Professional carpet cleaning is a great option to maintain your flooring, but is it safe for your four-legged friend? And what can you do to maximize the life of your carpet in between professional cleanings?