Duct Cleaning Now Available In Brookings

  Just this summer, Intek acquired Nu-Tech to bring our wide variety of cleaning and restoration services to the Brookings area — which now includes our duct cleaning services! Signs You’re Due for Duct Cleaning If you: Haven’t had your ducts cleaned in the last 5-7 years. Recently renovated your home.  Notice dust coming [...]

Now Servicing the Brookings Area: Intek Acquires Nu-Tech

Good news, Brookings! The INTEK team is growing. INTEK Cleaning & Restoration is adding a location in the Brookings area – one that’s likely familiar to you. As of June 1, we are providing cleaning services to Brookings and the surrounding area. We are excited to expand north and provide service to more of [...]

Your Room-by-Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

You know the drill. While spring cleaning is a real chore — literally — it’s key to a happy, healthy house (and household). Some tasks are better left to the professionals. Certain Sioux Falls cleaning services, like carpet cleaning and duct cleaning, are recommended every spring — and, well, we [...]

[Video] How INTEK Cleans Your Ducts

Having your ducts cleaned eliminates dust, pet hair, mold, and other irritants from your furnace and ductwork. If you’re questioning whether or not you need duct cleaning, we have tips on deciding if you need furnace and duct cleaning. But, the biggest question is how do ducts even get cleaned? How INTEK Duct Cleaning Works [...]

You Should Clean Your Dryer Vent — Here’s How

Have you ever seen your dryer vent? If not, it's definitely time you do. Your dryer vent should be cleaned at least once per year. Cleaning your dryer vent is a simple task that can both help your dryer run more efficiently and reduce the risk of fire in your home. In fact, nearly 3,000 home fires occur each year because homeowners fail to clean their dryer vents.

Is Air Duct Cleaning Actually Necessary?

Heard of duct cleaning? If you're a homeowner, you probably have. You may have even hired a professional furnace and duct cleaning service for your home. But is duct cleaning really necessary? Keep reading to find out if you actually need duct cleaning in Sioux Falls or Yankton — or if you can just save your money.

A Homeowner’s One-Stop for Furnace and Duct Cleaning Information

Owning a home is a lot of work. Some of the upkeep is obvious, such as needing to sweep, vacuum your carpets, or clean your windows. Other tasks aren't as obvious — but are equally important — and include tasks like checking your smoke detectors, avoiding yard drainage issues, and keeping your furnace and ducts clean and unobstructed. 

Purified Air vs. Ionized Air: Which is Better for Allergies?

Allergies are in the air here in South Dakota. To find relief from allergies, many residents incorporate air filtration systems into their homes. Two of these systems include air purifiers and air ionizers. Which type of air is better to breath? Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of each air filtration system.