A Homeowner’s One-Stop for Furnace and Duct Cleaning Information

Owning a home is a lot of work. Some of the upkeep is obvious, such as needing to sweep, vacuum your carpets, or clean your windows. Other tasks aren't as obvious — but are equally important — and include tasks like checking your smoke detectors, avoiding yard drainage issues, and keeping your furnace and ducts clean and unobstructed. 

Purified Air vs. Ionized Air: Which is Better for Allergies?

Allergies are in the air here in South Dakota. To find relief from allergies, many residents incorporate air filtration systems into their homes. Two of these systems include air purifiers and air ionizers. Which type of air is better to breath? Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of each air filtration system. 

5 Fall Cleaning Tips to Prepare Your South Dakota Home for Winter

Now that it's officially pumpkin-spice-everything season, you only have a matter of weeks before your home should be ready for the dreaded "W" word. Winter will be here soon in South Dakota, and while it may seem like you just did spring cleaning a minute ago, autumn is a good time to do another thorough cleaning project on your home before the cold weather sets in.

Homeowners, Don’t Miss These Summer Tips

Finally, summer is here! Homeowners, we know you’ll be doing a lot of work on your South Dakota home during the next few months. From dealing with the aftermath of summer storms, landscaping for poor drainage, cleaning out your AC ducts, and cleaning gooey s’mores of your carpet, we’ve got [...]

Should INTEK Clean Your Ducts This Winter?

There are three primary reasons why getting your ducts cleaned is a good idea: it helps lower your risk of mold it gets rid of funny smells it helps get rid of health risks in your home Air ducts are the path of travel that air takes when it moves [...]

5 Reasons You Should Clean Your Ducts this Winter

Is getting your ducts cleaned at the top of your list this fall? You may not think about your ducts when you think about seasonal cleaning, but the truth is that your ducts can affect your family’s health and even your energy bill! We’re one of the best duct cleaners in town and we’re [...]