5 Reasons You Should Clean Your Ducts this Winter

Is getting your ducts cleaned at the top of your list this fall? You may not think about your ducts when you think about seasonal cleaning, but the truth is that your ducts can affect your family’s health and even your energy bill! We’re one of the best duct cleaners in town and we’re [...]

Fall Cleaning for Your Air Vents in Sioux Falls

When it's time for fall cleaning, it's worth your time to have your airways cleaned out in case of mold growth. Mold is a big fan of warm and sticky weather because that's where it thrives the best. Your air conditioner is one of your home's best defenses when it comes to preventing mold growth [...]

Why Your Office Needs Commercial Duct Cleaning in Sioux Falls

Commercial duct cleaning. Sounds like a bit of a snooze-fest, huh? Actually, cleaning your office ducts is pretty important. If you don’t, your staff and customers will be dealing with worse than yawns. We’re talking allergy symptoms, respiratory infections, and other health issues that stem from poor air quality. Here’s [...]

Top 3 Dangers of a Clogged Dryer Vent in Sioux Falls

Clothes dryers seem harmless enough — yntil they burn your house to the ground. Not trying to be extreme here, but we’ve seen enough house fires in Sioux Falls to know that cleaning your dryer vents is not a task to be taken lightly. In fact, if you don’t schedule [...]

Robotic Duct Cleaning Just Became More Effective

One of our most important tools for duct cleaning Sioux Falls businesses just got even more attractive. This summer, we added magnetic wheels to our duct cleaning robot, and they’ve been a huge help in making sure commercial duct cleanings are thorough and efficient. […]

Winterizing Your Lake Cabin? Let INTEK Do the Work!

We get it: you don’t even want to hear the word “winter,” let alone think about winterizing your cabin for the coming cold months. But hey, we live in South Dakota. And the seasons, they must change. Fortunately, you have INTEK. We exist to make life easier for homeowners by doing the dirty work for [...]

Turning Your AC On? Clean Your Ducts First!

When the in-laws come over and you get out the good chip bowl, you want to wash that sucker out before using it, right? That same thinking should apply to your air vents and duct work – the ones that have been collecting dust all winter and for the last few weeks while you’ve had [...]

Checking for Attic Mold in Your Home

When you own a house, your attic isn’t necessarily at the front of your mind. However, your attic vents may be a hotspot for a word that no homeowner wants to hear: mold. Our Intek team has been removing mold from Sioux Falls homes for a while now, and we know that the tough-to-reach places [...]

Sioux Falls Home Show Special Offer

Join us for the Sioux Falls Home Show! This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Sioux Falls Convention Center, we’ll be at the 58th annual Sioux Empire Home Show, and we’re offering $50 off any duct cleaning services booked at our booth – N4. […]