There’s no getting around the fact that your home collects dust. Dust is more than just dirt, too.

House dust is a mix of hair, clothing fibers, dead skin cells, bacteria, dust mites, bits of dead bugs, soil particles, pollen, and microscopic specks of plastic. Can you say gross?

So it’s important to keep the dust factors in your home mitigated. Here are five ways you can keep the dust out (plus a bonus tip!).

dust in the air

#1: Clean Your Ducts

Yes, duct cleaning your Sioux Falls or Yankton home is necessary. Your ducts can harbor not only dust, but also mold. If you’re experiencing bad allergies or have trouble breathing, it could be related to your home’s duct system. 

Have you recently remodeled your home? If you didn’t block off your vents — or even if you did — dust and debris can travel through or even build up and be harmful to breath in.

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#2 Vacuum Regularly

It’s hard to know exactly how often you should vacuum. For some it may be every day; for others it may be only every 3-5 days depending on the amount of foot traffic in and out of your home.

Not interested in hauling out your vacuum and pushing it around every day? Consider a robot vacuum that will run on a constant schedule and reach those harder to reach places like under the couch or table. 

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#3 Purify Your Air

Whether you use an air purifier or keep enough plants to open your own greenhouse, there are many ways to clean the air in your home. Air purifiers keep your furnace and ducts clean and remove particles that make air unclean to breathe. 

Not to mention, if you’re suffering from allergies, air purifiers are a top pick as they remove the impurities permanently from the enclosed environment of your home.

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#4 Clean Your Hard-Surfaced Floors

Don’t have carpet to vacuum? You still need to maintain a cleaned floor to have clean air in  your home. Tiled floors or hardwood floors can collect dust, pet hair, and a host of other things if not cleaned regularly.

We pulled together our favorite tile flooring cleaning tips and tricks to help you maintain a shiny, like-new appearance and keep the dust and mold off your floors.

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#5 Continue to Clean Often

Seasonal and daily cleaning tasks are just as important as periodically cleaning your floors. Spring or fall, it’s important to clean it all. If it seems like it’s too much to take on, INTEK can help with general cleaning needs in addition to our other services.

In addition to vacuuming and sweeping, things like microfiber clothes or air dusters are perfect for staying on top of dust that collections on window blinds, shelves, and other surfaces in your home.

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Bonus Tip: Clean Those Carpets!

Most of the dust and grime that collects in our homes gets tracked in on shoes or carried in by pets. Think about it, each time you toss your dirty clothes on the floor or walk through a room, you’re sloughing off dead skin cells and stirring up dust in your house. 

That’s why it’s important to schedule regular carpet cleanings to keep your Sioux Falls home in tip top shape and the dust out. 

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